Four Examples of Great Corporate Branding

Four Examples of Great Corporate Branding

JANUARY 7, 2020| SpeedPro


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What do people picture when they think of your company? How would they describe your business’s personality? The answers depend largely on your corporate branding. Your branding is essential for making an impression on new customers and informing how you build relationships with existing ones.

But how can you create a corporate brand that attracts the right customers and helps you meet your business goals? To help answer that question, let’s discuss the importance of strong corporate branding and look at four companies with stellar brand identities that any company can learn from.

Why Brand Identity Matters

Your brand identity is the face and personality of your company. It’s the visual elements that make your brand unique and memorable to consumers. It includes things like your logo and the colors and fonts you use in marketing materials. Of course, branding goes far beyond the visual, but the visual elements of your brand should reinforce the intangible aspects of your brand, like your mission and values.

Strong visual branding is critical if you want strong brand recognition and for consumers to have positive associations with your brand. You can’t be too strategic in choosing the right visuals to identify your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Examples of Strong Corporate Branding [list]

Examples of Strong Corporate Branding

You can find all sorts of advice about how to create a strong brand identity, but one of the best ways to learn about corporate branding is by checking out other companies whose branding has made a positive impression on consumers. Take note of what makes these companies’ brand identities so appealing so you can use these strategies for your own branding. Let’s look at four national brands that serve as stellar examples of corporate branding:

1. Google

Let’s start with tech giant Google. Whenever you get online to “google” something, you encounter Google’s branding. It could be Google’s standard logo or a Google doodle from an independent artist or student. Since its inception in the 1990s, Google has repeatedly redesigned its logo with the general trend of simplifying it more and more over time. Even the colors in the Google logo have changed over time. The colors on the Google logo today mirror their original 1998 logo.

With its basic, sans-serif font and mostly primary colors, the Google logo is simplistic and playful. So, what can we learn from Google? One takeaway is that a logo should be readable. Too many startups and entrepreneurs choose fonts that are difficult to read because they seem to have more personality than simpler fonts. Google proves you can stick to easy-to-read typeface while still being unique and making an impression.

2. Caterpillar

Caterpillar has been around for nearly a century and remains a household name today. Like the Google logo, the Caterpillar logo has gone through several iterations over time, but we’re going to focus on the branding that Caterpillar is known for today. Caterpillar is a branding success story because their brand is distinctive, recognizable and associated with a reputation for quality.

It isn’t just the logo itself that characterizes Caterpillar’s products and marketing materials — it’s that bold combination of black and yellow that any person in construction or mining, and many people in general, automatically associate with the Caterpillar brand. It’s simplistic, yet it speaks volumes. Caterpillar’s brand identity gives the impression that the brand’s reputation speaks for itself. Caterpillar goes to show that once you have widespread brand recognition among your target audience, you can invoke your brand with nothing more than a simple color combination.

3. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is one of the biggest fast food chains in the nation and has an iconic logo that got a major refresh in 2012. Wendy’s is an interesting example since their logo includes an image of the founder’s daughter, Melinda Lou “Wendy” Thomas. While Wendy’s drastically changed the typeface of their name in their logo, they knew they had to keep the iconic image of Wendy. Though it was redrawn, the image remains unmistakably the image of the freckle-faced, red-headed girl from the original logo.

In addition to the girl, the company said they knew they needed to keep the color red in their logo and the way the word Wendy’s swerves in a wave shape. This demonstrates that, even though the Wendy’s logo included a lot of different design elements, the company was able to pinpoint which aspects were essential to their branding and would continue to invoke the brand’s reputation for quality old-fashioned hamburgers. Companies can learn a lot from Wendy’s strategic logo update process.


Let’s look at another example of great corporate branding from a younger company — KRAVE. This gourmet snack food brand, known for their jerky, was founded in 2009. KRAVE’s branding is an interesting example since they use a variety of colors on their product packaging depending on the flavor. The consistent design element you’ll find in all KRAVE branding, in addition to the bold, all-caps typeface used for the company name, is an image of a stick figure person in a running position.

Why a runner for a jerky company? This choice shows that KRAVE knows their target audience. They are marketing to people with active lifestyles who need sustaining protein-rich snacks and who care about the quality of ingredients they put in their bodies. KRAVE’s website reinforces the aesthetic of outdoor adventure and exercise. KRAVE has successfully built a strong brand that just might make your start craving some uniquely flavored jerky when you see it.

Corporate Signage to Help With Brand Awareness

We’ve talked about successful branding design elements, but how can you share your brand with consumers? Let’s look at a few examples of items you can use as part of a marketing strategy to raise brand awareness:

  • Fleet wraps: Fleet branding, either through full wraps or decals, is a great way to get your brand seen wherever you go.
  • Feather flags: Branded feather flags are a great way to create a dynamic display of your brand outside of your business.
  • Murals: Brand murals are large decals that create a high-impact display to decorate walls inside of your restaurant, office or store.
  • Event signage: Corporate event signage for fairs or trade shows come in many forms, including banners, promotional swag items and more.
  • Digital signage: Digital signage can bring your brand to life by making it dynamic. You can use digital signage in your business and at events.

Corporate Graphics and Printing From SpeedPro

SpeedPro can help you create corporate signage that helps to increase awareness of your brand among your target audience. We offer all of the signage types mentioned above and many, many more. Corporate branding is all about standing out, and SpeedPro can help you do just that. In fact, we’ve worked with all of the companies we mentioned in this post. To get started, find a studio near you today.

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