How Corporate Signage Can Improve Company Culture

How Corporate Signage Can Improve Company Culture

APRIL 9, 2021| SpeedPro



Traditionally, companies have viewed corporate signage as having the highest perceived impact on potential customers. But in reality, the branding and visual landscape of your building has an even bigger role to play in crafting a company culture that spreads throughout your workforce. With attractive office signage, you can build a company culture that increases employee satisfaction and retention.

By including office signs indoors and outdoors, you’ll aid the visual appeal of your office and showcase your culture through the use of colors, messages and images. For example, many companies have found that bright, uplifting color schemes can create an environment of excitement and energy. Additionally, imagery and messages that speak to the corporate mission and philanthropic initiatives can remind your team of the importance of the work they do.

Main Functions of Corporate Signage

When you incorporate corporate signage around the office, you’re investing in how your employees perceive your company. Additionally, signage provides them with the opportunity to connect with your company on a deeper level while also making the office space feel like it’s full of life. To accomplish this, companies often use corporate signage to highlight a few main areas to showcase the type of culture they want to encourage.

Below you can find some of the main types of messages that your corporate signage can highlight to build a stronger workplace culture:

  • Company vision: Whether through signage that includes your company’s mission statement or through shorter phrases or images that allude to it, you can use office graphics and signs to place your company’s vision at the forefront. Culturally, this type of signage can do wonders. Every day, employees will have a visual reminder of the goals of the organization, evoking feelings of both responsibility and positivity in them.
  • Inspirational graphics: Another main function of corporate signage is to display inspiring messages to employees. Companies will often use these messages to highlight unique aspects of their company and give viewers a positive message. If you want your employees to feel valued, inspirational messages on signage can be one of the best ways you can do this. These messages will turn your walls and signs into a constant pep talk for your staff.
  • Company history: Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. With corporate signage that showcases your history, your office culture will provide that feeling to your workforce. Images of how your company started contrasted with how it is today can inspire staff members and connect them with the company’s past. With a road map of your company’s history on the wall, you add both a unique visual element to your office and motivate employees to add to your company’s story.

What kinds of office signage are best for improving company culture?

What Kinds of Office Signage Are Best for Improving Company Culture?

If you want to upgrade your office visual appeal and instill a positive company culture among your employees, then you’ll need the right kind of office signage to make it happen. The following types of signage are ideal for those who want to transform their company culture:

Office Wall Murals

One of the most impactful types of signage on company culture is the wall mural. These murals can be displayed on the interior or exterior of the building. They are particularly impactful when used as office reception signs, as they will be in a position that employees and clients have to pass by each day. The consistent exposure is an excellent visual reminder of the type of company you are and what you expect from employees.

Wall murals are storytellers, as they can highlight the journey of your company over the years or tell viewers what your company does daily. Whatever you choose to include in the wall mural, it’s a stunning addition to any office. An attractive wall mural will reflect the company’s values and the feeling that they are trying to inspire. Likely, your employees will walk by the wall mural each day, with the imagery reminding them of your desired culture.

Dimensional Office Signs

When it comes to making your signage stand out to staff and crafting a unique environment, dimensional signage is a go-to option. Unlike two-dimensional signage, these signs project out of the walls or surface that they are placed on, adding greater depth and texture to your messaging. Three-dimensional signs will both figuratively and literally pop out to the viewer.

Since these signs are so unique, they will make your office space stand out and highlight important messages. Dimensional office signs are excellent at making your business appear professional and attractive. Having these signs around the office sends the message to staff members that your company is devoted to producing quality work. In effect, the signage raises your employees’ perception of the company and causes them to emulate your company’s success with their own work.

Office Directional Signs

While directional signs are primarily functional, they also provide a good deal of value to your company’s culture. In practice, directional office signs help visitors find their way around a building or grounds. Due to their function, they also provide a more welcoming culture around the office, as employees and other parties will be able to navigate your office space easily.

On top of welcoming people and assisting workplace navigation, they can also be used to individualize different areas in your office. For example, wayfinding signs can subtly incorporate particular colors in different areas of the office, with one color signaling that you’re in the sales department while another identifies accounting. By differentiating parts of your office with colors and images, you can make each area feel like its own neighborhood and craft a cultural identity for different departments.

Improve Your Company Culture by Partnering With SpeedPro

If you’re ready to upgrade your company culture with corporate signage, you should work with a company that has the expertise and high-quality materials to handle your needs. For those looking to add office wall coverings and signage to your company, SpeedPro is an excellent choice. With a nationwide network of studios, SpeedPro has the ability and resources to handle any of your needs.

Find your local studio today to speak to a representative about how our signage can improve your company culture.

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