Decorating Your Event Tent Tips and Tricks

Decorating Your Event Tent: Tips and Tricks

JULY 8, 2021| SpeedPro

If you’ve ever been to a flea market or a trade show, you are familiar with the sight of endless rows of vendors. When you walked through the aisles, which tents stood out the most?

Most people are more likely to approach the colorful tents with branded signs telling guests what their booth offers. A plain event tent is a missed opportunity for boosting your brand awareness and attracting more customers. Decorating your event tent will draw in more customers and make the effort of attending the event worthwhile for your business.

Benefits of Decorating Your Event Tent

Styling your event tent with custom graphics and personal touches will make a big difference in how customers perceive your brand. The quality of your display will reflect on the quality of your business. A vibrantly decorated and well-organized event tent will help you build a credible reputation with customers.

Decorating your space will help you stand out from the competition and get your brand name out there. An eye-catching display will draw event attendees into your tent, where you can connect with them and discuss the value of your products and services.

An event tent provides the perfect opportunity to promote your business. If you’re unsure how to make an event tent look better, this guide will help you maximize your space with the proper decorations to entice potential customers.

Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Event Tent

Knowing how to decorate an event tent will help you make a great first impression with guests. Try these pop-up tent decorating ideas to dress up your event space:

1. Plan Ahead

Crafting the perfect design to showcase your business will require some preparation. Brainstorm some ideas of what you want to do and plan out your design. You can even create a mood board to help your team understand your vision.

You can work with an expert graphic designer from SpeedPro to help plan your decorations. We have a wide selection of signs and graphics to help you bring your ideas to life.

Custom signs and displays take time to produce, so be sure to place your orders in advance. Allow plenty of time to collect your supplies before the event.

2. Start With a Good Foundation

Before you add any decorations, you should consider customizing your pop-up tent. A branded tent is the perfect base for the rest of your display. Guests will notice your tent right away and recognize your branding from across the venue. A stark white tent does not compare to bold graphics that will capture attention. You can choose a unique design that communicates what your business is all about.

SpeedPro offers custom event tents that you can take to all of your indoor and outdoor events. Create a branded event tent to serve as the foundation for the rest of your decorations.

3. Use Consistent Branding

Create a cohesive look with consistent branding throughout your display. In addition to a branded event tent, you can embellish your space with a custom backdrop or table covering to display your logo.

Choose decorations that coordinate with your company’s colors and fit with the aesthetic of your business. For example, if you own a vintage dress shop, consider adding retro accents that match your logo. If you sell Italian wine, you can go for an authentic Tuscan vibe.

4. Provide Your Contact Info

Be sure to include your contact information in a prominent location near the front of your booth. Even if guests pass by your tent, they may still be interested in your products and services.

Sometimes events are crowded, and your stunning display might attract a lot of customers at once. Provide a phone number or website address so potential customers can connect with your brand at another time if they don’t want to wait in line.

5. Keep It Simple

Creating an appealing event tent requires the right balance of decor. While branding and logos are a significant part of a successful design, you can go overboard with too many decorations. A cluttered booth can be even less appealing than a bland presentation.

Make a statement with branded banners and inviting props, but refrain from loading every surface with items. Give your guests space to look at your products and learn about your business.

6. Prepare Handouts

You’re likely one of many different vendors in attendance at a trade show, community fair or farmer’s market. Guests are eager to visit many booths and will probably only spend a few minutes at each one.

You may feel rushed interacting with customers when they enter your booth. Provide a pamphlet or brochure explaining your products and services so they can learn more about your company after the event. If they forget the name of your company, they can reference the handout to remember. They may even make another purchase in the future.

What Information Should You Provide? [list]

7. Show What You Sell

Provide product information on a sign so that customers know what you sell at a glance. If a crowd is blocking your booth, other customers may pass by without realizing what you have to offer.

If you sell coffee beans, you can create a simple poster with all of your flavors. A fruit stand could place an A-frame sign with images of cherries and peaches to advertise their farm-fresh produce. A creative sign will look great with the rest of your decorations and show everyone what you sell.

8. Offer Incentives

Incorporating a fun challenge with a roulette wheel or dartboard to earn exciting prizes will help your tent stand out from other vendors and attract more customers.

It gives guests an incentive to visit your booth and is certainly memorable. You can even customize the prizes with your name and logo for added brand exposure.

9. Display Your Products Beautifully

If you sell a physical product, create a unique display that will impress your customers. You can create a whimsical design around your products with plants and fairy lights, or you can stack a few crates at different heights on the table for a rustic design.

Choose the display that fits with your brand and accents your product in the best way.

Custom Event Tents and Decorations

At SpeedPro, we offer a wide range of products to help you decorate your outdoor tent. From branded signs and banners to custom event tents, we can help you create a professional and cohesive display from top to bottom.

We have fast turnaround times so you can make an impact at your next event. Our products are high-quality and durable enough to withstand trade shows and local fairs for years to come.

Work with our expert graphic designers to complete the ultimate event setup and make a great first impression with your customers. Find a SpeedPro studio near you today!

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