How Your Business Can Utilize Window Clings

How Your Business Can Utilize Window Clings

AUGUST 5, 2020| SpeedPro

When people walk by a storefront, they can’t help but look in the windows. Whether they’re trying to peruse the products or gauge how busy it is, they’re likely to peer through at some point. And that’s an incredibly valuable marketing space. Windows are a great spot for business owners to place advertisements, information, brand imagery and decor.

Two popular options for placing graphics on windows are window clings and window decals. Unlike window decals, window clings don’t use any adhesive. They use static electricity to stick to glass and other nonporous surfaces. They’re a temporary or semi-permanent solution, perfect for promotional events and various branding opportunities, among other purposes, such as the ones we’ll discuss next.

Functions of Window Clings for Businesses

Window clings have many different applications and can help you with everything from marketing to decor. With their incredible level of customization, you can ensure your brand’s image fits accurately and blends with the rest of your building. Here are a few ways to use window clings for business goals.

1. Promotions

Promotions are a classic use for window clings. Advertise your business offerings or specific events with window clings as promotional materials. You can create an eye-catching graphic for an annual sale or a straightforward “25% Off” sign to pull people in. With window clings, you can reuse the sign whenever you need to. Since clings don’t use adhesive, they’re easy to peel and re-stick.

2. Brand Imagery

Try placing your logo or other design elements on windows or non-porous surfaces. Marketing window clings allow you to turn these areas into advertising space. You can also print out images on window clings and move them around as you like.

You could show off your products, put up an informational piece about the company’s goals or display an image of your mascot, among an endless possibility of designs that support your brand’s development. Brand imagery should be present in every design you make, but window clings can be one of the first things your customers see, so keep the importance of this imagery in mind when creating your window clings.

3. Privacy

Window clings can cover up the glass and do double-duty as both an advertising piece and a privacy shade. Employees and guests don’t need to feel like they’re in a fishbowl with the help of a solid or frosted window cling. Clings are also a great choice for office spaces separated by glass walls and doors. You can add privacy without expensive renovations.

Privacy can be an important factor for employee satisfaction and productivity, influencing everything from focus to creativity and engagement. Window clings are perfect for adding privacy without drastically altering the layout or construction of your office.

4. Decor

Though window clings aren’t typically a permanent option, you can still use them as short-term decor. They’re perfect for seasonal materials, such as snowflakes in winter or flowers in the spring.

Window clings for decor

They can also work well with non-themed decor. Patterns and frosted glass — or patterns made out of frosted glass — make for classy and interesting decorations. You can even choose reflective materials for mirror-like effects.

5. Informational Signage

At a minimum, most storefronts need to include hours and the business name. You can also use window clings to display your credentials or any requirements for entry, such as, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

6. Brand Offerings

If you carry specific brands that you think will attract clients, you can use marketing window clings to advertise them. For example, bars may display the logos of the drinks they carry, or a retail store might put their designer brand names in the windows.

7. Directions

Window clings can even work as wayfaring signs. Inside the building, arrows can point toward other wings or departments or identify specific rooms. In large buildings like hospitals and schools, directional assistance can be especially helpful, and clings allow you to make use of existing glass or nonporous surfaces.

Custom Window Cling Designs

Window clings are incredibly versatile, and you can get very creative with them. Many companies have come up with some truly stunning marketing designs with custom window clings.

Keep in mind that no matter what the function of your window cling is, the design will be a reflection of your brand. It should match the tone of your imagery. Even seemingly simple signs like your hours must fit your image.

If you have a characteristic font or repeating images, use them on these smaller signs to enforce your brand. You’ll also want to stick to using your company’s colors. These practices can solidify your designs and help to reinforce the tone or impression you’re looking to cultivate for your brand.

Here are a few different types of designs you can use with marketing window clings.

  • Text: If you’re just looking for a simple text sign, window clings are perfect. You can utilize transparency for a seamless appearance or have your cling cut to match the lettering. Text signs are great for those informational purposes, like displaying your hours, a room number or business name.
  • Images: Images truly run the gamut. You can create graphics or print out photos as window clings. They can be any size, covering floor-to-ceiling glass windows, smaller panes or little areas on the doorway. You can also cut them to any shape, including arrows, your logo, numbers and more. With exceptional design, imagery and graphics can be particularly eye-catching when placed in a window.
  • Frost: Frosted glass is a high-end finish that looks gorgeous in any business — but it can also be expensive and permanent. Instead, you can get window clings that mimic frosted glass with a variety of designs and levels of opacity. These look excellent in glass-walled office spaces, windowed cubicles and doorways. Other interesting things you can do with frosted window clings are to cut out your design from the frosting or go minimalist and use frosted areas to create a design.
  • Mirrors: You can even get reflective window clings and create a mirror effect. Like frosted window clings, cutouts and shapes look great with this product.
  • Textures: Clear window clings allow you to create interesting overlapping textures, such as distressed wear or a water effect. For example, a beverage company could add water droplets to their windows for a permanent, intriguing look.

For more examples of window graphics at work, check out our idea gallery.

Professional Window Clings From SpeedPro

Window clings are an excellent addition to the signage strategy of many businesses. They’re easy to apply, easy to remove and cost-effective. With the right design, they can help you accomplish a variety of goals, from gathering more foot traffic to adding privacy to your building.

For window clings that help you further your business goals, trust the experts at SpeedPro. The experts at our nationwide studios understand the ins and outs of custom window clings for businesses and can help you all throughout the process. For more information on working with SpeedPro, reach out to your local studio today.

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