How Contour Cutting Can Help with Business Growth

How Contour Cutting Can Help With Business Growth

JANUARY 23, 2020| SpeedPro



For companies looking to upgrade their business and reach new target audiences, contour cut signs are a premier option. Contour cut signs are one of the most customizable forms of signage available on the market today, so it’s no surprise that so many companies use this type of signage to take their interior design and marketing strategy to the next level.

Any company looking to improve should be knowledgeable about contour cut signage and the ways it can help their growth.

What Is Contour Cut Signage?

Contour cut signage gets its name due to the way the graphics or signs are cut along the contour, or edge, of a custom line or design. Typically, contour cut signage will be borderless, as the way they are manufactured makes it possible to cut along the outline of a custom graphic accurately. One of the most popular uses of it is to cut out the shape of a company’s logo or company name.

You can think of contour cutting as a more complex version of cutting an image out of a magazine. Instead of using scissors, however, contour cut signage will use specialized software and a highly accurate cutting machine that can cut through a variety of high-quality signage materials. The digital machine will often be referred to as a router or a digital cutter.

Before cutting, you need first to design what you want to be cut out. Once you have a design, your printing company prints it out with the background still included. If you approve, the company completes the process by cutting out the sign.

As contour cutting is one of the most precise kinds of signage, it’s used for a variety of signs and decals every day. Companies particularly enjoy the variety of shapes and designs that can be crafted with this type of signage. Without a background, contour cut graphics tend to be more defined, popping out and making a bold statement to possible customers or clients.

How Contour Cut Signs Help Business Growth

As you try to grow your business, one of the best ways that you can reach new customers or clients is through contour cut signage.

How Contour Cutting Can Help with Business Growth

Below you can find some of the top ways that contour cut signage can stimulate business growth:

1. More Effective Business Promotion

Besides making products or offering services that people want to invest in, the most effective way to grow your business is to promote it. After all, people need to know that your business exists before they can purchase what you have to offer, so making sure that your target audience is aware of your presence is crucial to business growth. To differentiate your graphics and signage from your competitors, you can employ contour cut signage.

Contour cutting can be applied to several different types of signage, such as floor decals, spot graphics, banners, directional signage and window decals. With a wealth of options, you can make your storefront windows more inviting and attention-getting from the street, while also putting your signature on the interior of your space. Additionally, any signage meant to be seen by the general public can be cut into unique designs, making them more noticeable to customers and promoting your business in the process.

2. Craft a Trustworthy Brand Image

Contour cutting can be easily reproduced with the same high-quality every time, making it easy to establish a consistent brand image that people know and trust. For example, no matter where you place a contour cut sign of your logo, it will maintain the same shape, color and overall appearance. Whether a consumer sees your logo on one of your walls or hung over the entrance in the form of a banner, they’ll instantly know it’s your sign.

Besides generating brand recognition, you’ll also build trust by presenting yourself as a company that cares about the details. Unique contour cut signs send the message that your company is a seasoned professional and knows how to present itself properly. You wouldn’t wear a T-shirt and athletic shorts to an important meeting, and the same principle applies to using contour cut signage. Contour cut signage dresses your company up to make a great first impression and gets people to trust in your ability.

3. Attract Top-Talent With High-Quality Office Signage

When a prospective employee comes to visit your office, they judge your company. Along with the information from their interview and the way current employees treat them, a potential employee will also be trying to envision themselves working in your office every day. If your space isn’t attractive or feels uninviting, you may lose out on employees who could have been major assets to your company.

To attract some of the best people in your industry, you can improve the appearance of your business space. One of the best ways to enhance your area is with contour cut signage. Signage shaped like your logo, company name or slogan can improve the visual appeal of your space. The lack of background will make your office appear more modern and minimalistic, implying that your company is at the cutting-edge of all things.

4. Sell Products

If you run a store, contour cut signage is ideal for point-of-purchase (POP) displays, as they highlight products that you’re focused on selling. For example, you could cut out a picture of a celebrity who points customers towards a section of products that you want customers to try. A life-size human cut-out will catch attention and point viewers towards areas of the store where the products you want them to see are displayed.

Besides using a cut out of a celebrity, you can pick any design that you think would catch the eye, such as a large version of the product you want to sell, product mascots and other designs. With contour cut signage, you’ll have a lot of creative freedom that will help your graphics stand out to those passing by.

Use Contour Cut Signage From SpeedPro to Grow Your Business

If you’re ready to invest in contour cut signage, consider working with an industry leader in signage and graphics. As the only nationwide network of studios specializing in large format graphics, SpeedPro has the expertise and resources needed to handle whatever type of signage you need. With our special cutting machines, we can handle the most complex designs that require precise cuts.

Find your local SpeedPro studio to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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