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NOVEMBER 20, 2017| SpeedPro



T’is the season for non-profits and charities. Retailers aren’t the only groups looking forward to the holiday season. As customers spend the last few weeks shopping for deals, they’re also deep in the mindset of remembering the reason for the season. SpeedProthe nation’s leading franchise focused on large format imagery, is here to assist in your fundraising efforts.

We understand this is a critical time of year for non-profits and charities. SpeedPro is here to be a partner during the season of giving. Consult with your local SpeedPro studio owner to discuss the transformative impact you’re hoping to make on the world.

An article titled “Charitable giving increases as holiday season ramps up,” published a couple of years back in USA Today, examined the correlation between donations to charities and the Q4:

“About 34 percent of all charitable giving is done in the last three months of the year. Of those donations, about 18 percent are given in December alone.”

We found this savvy and pertinent advice on a website outlining successful nonprofit campaigns. The headline calling for a focus on the fundamentals:

  • Be an educator, move quickly
  • Include fundraising in your brand strategy
  • Mine and amplify hidden gems
  • Limited budgets don’t limit opportunities
  • What is your consumer bond?

SpeedPro, the nation’s leader in large format imagery, is here to help you get the word out. We know you don’t have a big blockbuster budget to spend on marketing. The good news is that our nationwide network of experienced studio owners can tailor your graphic solution to effectively deliver your special message, no matter the size of your budget.

  • Flags: Branded feather flags take great visual advantage of the landscape. These signs are portable, durable and adaptable, with the ability to be printed with images that shift with the changing wind.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage: The benefits of indoor/outdoor graphic materials are simply marvelous. They can be easily changed seasonally, providing you opportunities to cash in on holidays year-round. Our outdoor signage is the definition of durability and can withstand all the elements.
  • Window Graphics: We professionally print window graphics in crisp colors on perforated film to capitalize on plate glass windows.
  • Wall Murals: Wall murals are the perfect way to show off your services to the people who visit your organization. They can easily be refreshed when a new campaign season gets underway.
  • Digital Signage: Almost anything with a screen can become a vivid and compelling digital message. Digital signage is an advertising medium that can serve a variety of needs for non-profits and charities.

Let’s get the ball rolling to develop a marketing strategy that will knock your fundraising out of the park and set you up for a successful 2018. Let SpeedPro help you change the community and the world for the better. Contact us at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.

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