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The Advertising Race: Vehicle Wraps Continue to Win (Part 2)

NOVEMBER 25, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps are like giant billboards, only more creative and targeted. Car and truck graphics work 24 hours a day, creating awareness for your company. They constantly reach new and potential customers. So, unsurprisingly, the popularity of vehicle wraps has been, and continues to be, on the rise.

Full wraps and partial graphics are a proven successful and smart way to advertise in modern society. You see vehicle graphics anywhere and everywhere—on the highways/freeways, parked outside of your local coffee shop or restaurant, delivering flowers and chocolates to your door, even stationary ones that stay parked in a particular spot (which is most likely an ideal location for maximum visibility and exposure). More now than ever, vehicle wraps are becoming a staple advertising strategy for business branding efforts.

Another incredible benefit to advertise with a vehicle wrap (opposed to other traditional forms of advertising)? Vehicle advertising has the lowest cost‐per‐impression rate of any other advertising medium. You pay just $0.70 for every 1000 impressions that you get from your vehicle wrap. Any other advertising medium (TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, etc) cannot even come close to these statistics! The next best one is a billboard, which is about 3X the cost of a wrap.

Bottom line is, vehicle wraps are here, and they are here to stay.

SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your source for custom vehicle graphics in Raleigh, Durham, RTP and Cary. Please visit our Vehicle Graphics page for more information or call us at 919-460-6013 to learn more about our products or request a quote.

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