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5 Tips for Trade Show / Expo Success

NOVEMBER 16, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



You’ve booked space at a trade show, but how will you get attendees to stop and take notice? Folks aren’t drawn to a dull booth that looks the same as all the others. By infusing your booth with your brand and implementing creative trade show exhibit ideas, you’ll convert your display into a beacon that draws a crowd.


Strong branding is key to your marketing strategy. Help potential customers learn about your service or product at a glance.

Branding your trade show display goes beyond logo and colors. What’s the “attitude” conveyed by your branding — playful and lighthearted, or serious and professional? Do you pride yourself on being eco-friendly? Is “giving back to your community” a company value?

For instance, DoubleClick’s simple, clean design permits conversations to be the focal point. In addition to their contemporary trade show booth design, they feature eye-catching bikes along with a QR code, allowing prospects to connect on a technical level and then continue the conversation online.


In today’s “selfie” focused world, a photo booth or similar photo op at your stand can draw major traffic. The photo helps break the ice.

Incorporating a colorful backdrop for photos makes your booth an interactive experience and source of entertainment. SpeedPro can make a selfie frame using your company’s logo and branding colors.


Use social media to attract people to your booth. Start well before the day of the event to build excitement. Use various hashtags to make your posts easy to search and find. If the trade show at which you’re exhibiting has a standard hashtag, and create a unique tag for your booth as well.

To target younger audiences, consider using SnapChat and using a geo-filter that incorporates the conference title and your organization’s logo. Geo-filters are low-cost Snapchat frames that can be unique to your brand, and are powerful in attracting visitors to your space.

Have your social media account information printed on your banners so trade show attendees can easily find and follow you. Again, SpeedPro can get you what you need.


The layout of your booth affects how inviting it seems. A long table running along the front of the booth will keep people at a distance. A physical separation can create emotional distance as well as you stay on one side of the table while your potential clients stay on the other.

A personalized point-of-purchase display is an easy way to convey information without impeding traffic flow. Incorporate shelves with adjustable height options on the display if you have products, pamphlets, freebies or other items. Another functional option is an integrated tablet stand or kiosk, giving you a functional base during the expo.


Going big allows your booth to be visible long before attendees reach your aisle. Think about incorporating visual elements that stretch high above your booth to create a landmark for your business.

Vertical or circular banners suspended from a high ceiling can be seen from across the exhibit hall. Suspending large display pieces over your booth demands you take into account the logistical considerations and expense for installer/dismantle. Make sure the exhibition can accommodate these types of displays and that you’ve thought through the set-up and tear down scheduling.

A quick and easy option is to add a custom flag in front of your space to generate interest in your booth. Position the flag to stick out from your booth, if possible, to make your display more noticeable. A tall, vertical flag that stretches draws attention and can be particularly useful for people trying to spot your booth through a crowd.

Take full advantage of your trade show space from the ceiling to the floor. At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we can help you create attention-grabbing floor graphics for your trade show booth. We have specialty vinyls for interior and exterior floors as well as carpets.

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