Dimensional Letters and Signs

Dimensional <span>Letters and Signs</span>


Brass is a durable and versatile option. It can be used inside or outdoors and comes in a variety of finishes including brushed, polished, and oxidized. A clear coat is applied to minimize damage from the elements when installed outside.

Bronze is a premium grade material and highly durable. Each sign is guaranteed to last for life. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Commonly used for corporate offices, educational institutions, and public spaces. Available finishes include polished, brushed, and patina- giving the sign an aged look with a classic green hue.

Stainless Steel can be used inside or outdoors and comes in two finishes- traditional brushed or polished. Stainless steel can be mounted flush to the wall or raised.

Raw Steel Letters create an antique, rusted look. Each letter will have a unique rusting pattern, different from the others. Raw steel is lower cost material and requires little maintenance. Most commonly used outdoors, raw steel can also be used inside, but will not continue to rust in the same way.

Aluminum letters are one of the most popular materials for dimensional letters and come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. Finishes include anodized (hardened) for longer outdoor use, traditional polished, brushed satin, and baked-enamel paint. Can be mounted flush to the wall or raised.

Acrylic is a budget-friendly alternative to metal letters and is highly versatile. Also lightweight and durable, acrylic is great for outdoor use and won’t chip, fade, or crack over time.

Foam is ideal for temporary, interior signage. Great for tradeshows, special events, and retail pop-ups. Finishes include natural (white), black, or painted. Foam can also be laminated with real metal laminate in brass, aluminum, or bronze.

Mounting Options

Stud Mounting is our most common and sturdy option. It is available on most materials. On thicker letters we drill holes into the letters for the studs to thread into. On thinner materials, we glue pads onto the letters for the studs to go into.

Double Sided Tape is one of the easiest ways to mount dimensional lettering without hardware. Each letter lays flush to the wall and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Pad Mounts are a good option if you want your letters to be slightly raised off the wall, but do not want to drill any holes.

Mounting options for signs: stud mount, double sided tape, or pad mount
empower, inspire, innovate words popping out from wall


The location of your sign and where it will be viewed from are especially important. If your sign is outdoors, it’s important to select a material that can withstand the elements long enough to make it a worthwhile investment. If installed inside, will your dimensional letters or sign be exposed to natural light- either through a door or window? This can help increase the visibility of your sign, and save you money on lighting. However, pay attention to the different characteristics of each material- glossy acrylic or polished metal can create a glare if placed directly next to a large window.

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