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Looking Down on Vehicle Wraps?

FEBRUARY 14, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Why Wrap A Delivery Van Roof?

Most of the vehicle graphics we do are focused on branding the car, truck or bus at the eye level — for pedestrians and other drivers to see.  When it comes to wrapping the roof, the question naturally comes up: “who’s going to see THAT?”

For Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery, the answer is: “lots of potential customers, that’s who!”  Specialty’s, a San Francisco based chain with over 40 restaurants in California, Washington and Illinois does a brisk business with online ordering and on site delivery.  When serving business customers with catered breakfasts and lunches for group meetings, Specialty’s fleet of small vans are often “looked down upon” from the windows of buildings in Silicon Valley, Chicago or Bellevue.

When someone on the third floor happens to see that van pull into the parking lot with the delicious looking cookies and sandwiches on the roof, it may be hard to resist the urge to jump online and go to as the graphic suggests.

Many of the Scion xB’s that we’ve wrapped for Specialty’s featured a bold, espresso brown stripe on the roof with white URL reversed out.  Their exciting new look that debuted this month on Ford Transit Connect vans at bakery/cafes in Sunnyvale and Seattle, features photos and graphics, including a full roof wrap.

Roof wraps aren’t necessarily for everyone, but if your vehicle may be often viewed from above, or if the lines of the car favor it (like our SpeedPro minivan which has a sloping roof that begs for full coverage) — don’t hesitate.  It’s a great way to top off an integrated design and let your look be appreciated from more vantage points. If you’re in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz or San Francisco county and want to learn more about fleet wraps and decals, give us a shout!

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