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Modular Truss Displays – Design, Mix and Match

AUGUST 10, 2017| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Configurable components are the key

Did you ever play with TinkerToys, LEGO or K’Nex?  Well, SpeedPro has the “grown-up” version for your more adult and business focused exhibit needs.  The Orbital Express Truss system allows an almost endless ability to configure displays for trade shows, retail point-of-purchase or museum exhibits.  The completed unit is built of multiple truss components (long, short, straight and curved) and box connectors and this versatility allows you to switch from a 10 x 10 booth space to a 10 x 20 exhibit with a “second floor” if you’d like.

Our Orbital Express Truss system break down into transportable cases, and can be quickly built or deconstructed by hand with a simple tightening tool. Magnetic edged graphic panels are easily snapped into place, or spaces can be filled with floating frames, computer monitors, or backlit graphics. Free-floating panels (photos, mounted prints or acrylic pieces) can be suspended using a system of thin, steel cables and stand-offs.

This provides great flexibility to change or update a display without moving the major sections. Or, if you want to continually revamp your display area or exhibition, the modular pieces are almost infinitely configurable. Your imagination — and available space (!) are the only limits. 

How will you put it together?

There are dozens of layouts to choose from, in pre-configured sets or you can design your own and see a 3D rendering like the one shown in the picture. Let your imagination run wild, and give us a call at 650.596.3444. Anyone on our talented team can help you expand your horizons and help you re-discover the creative kid within.

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