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2D Signage vs. 3D Signage

MAY 11, 2020| SpeedPro



Signage is all about delivering your message effectively. One of the primary considerations that companies regularly take into account is whether they should use 2D signage or 3D signage. The answer, of course, comes down to your needs and where you plan to place your signs.

What Are They?

2D and 3D signs are invaluable types of indoor and outdoor signage that companies rely on every day to gain attention, bring in new customers, increase brand awareness and display targeted messages. Both types of signs ultimately serve most of the same purposes, but they do provide different advantages that you might find more valuable. To help you differentiate between the two types of signs, you’ll need to first have a baseline understanding of each of them:

2D Signage

Two-dimensional signage is the most common type of signage. Basically, 2D signs are flat without any raised letters or graphics. Unlike 3D signage, 2D signs don’t have any depth to them. They are the most simple and traditional form of signage, offering a safe choice for companies looking to get their message out to viewers.

3D Signage

Also known as dimensional signage, 3D signage adds dimensional elements like raised graphics, logos and letters. This kind of signage has graphics projecting out of its base and has more depth, rather than the 2D alternative with flat graphics. A 3D sign is more complicated to produce, and it’s one of the best options when you’re looking to draw people’s attention.

How to Choose the Best Type of Signage for You

As you decide between 2D or 3D signage, you should be aware of the advantages associated with each type of sign. By knowing the pros and cons of each sign, you can pick the right sign for your needs and accomplish your signage goals.

Advantages of 2D Signage

2D signage is the most common form of signage for a reason. It gets the job done. Check out some of the top advantages of using 2D signage below:

  • Easy to read: 2D signs excel at making text legible and easy for viewers to read. Unlike a 3D sign, you don’t have to worry about glare, perspective or shadow. 2D signs are far less complicated, ensuring your message gets out there effectively.
  • More room: For those who need to put more text on their signs, 2D signage is usually a better option than 3D signage. 2D signage provides more space for a higher volume of text and graphics. When your clientele or customers need more information, 2D signs are the way to go. With the increased space for lettering and graphics, 2D signs are well-suited for the indoors, where viewers will be closer and can stop to read them.
  • Wayfinding: If you’re putting together some wayfinding signage that uses text, 2D signs are ideal. They give you the space to include needed text and plenty of color options to make them more noticeable. Additionally, they’re easy to mount in crucial areas both indoors and outdoors. A 3D sign might be more effective if you only need an image, such as an arrow, without text. However, 2D signs are a better form for directional signs in most situations.

3D signs can be made in a variety of materials.

  • Simple production: When it comes to making 2D signs, you’ll find that they are one of the most affordable and fastest to produce types of graphics on the market. They also can be made with a variety of materials, giving you plenty of customizability. Due to all of these advantages, many companies choose 2D signage when they need signage made quickly that still looks great.

Advantages of 3D Signage

3D signage provides a more attention-getting and impactful type of signage for many different marketing situations. Dimensional signs are clearly different than their 2D counterparts and bring more attention to your message. As you look through different signage options, consider the unique advantages that you gain from using 3D signs:

  • Larger impact: When it comes to 3D signage, you can’t avoid talking about impact. These signs add depth and have graphics project out of their backgrounds, so it’s almost impossible for people not to notice them. For this reason, they are popular above or near storefronts, in car parking lots and inside reception areas. Due to the larger impact, you can expect these signs to increase brand awareness among the public.
  • Added creativity: 3D signage allows companies to do more with their signs and create something that consumers aren’t used to seeing. The added customization means that you can create signage with graphics and text that sticks in people’s minds. If you operate an office, you can make your workspace more pleasant to work in by installing dimensional office signs that give it a more individualized feel.
  • Increased traffic: Since 3D signs tend to generate more attention, they also tend to pull more people into stores and other types of businesses. A 3D sign can draw shoppers to your store who wouldn’t have noticed you otherwise, as they walked or drove by your store without a second thought.

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  • Variety: Like 2D signage, 3D signage has plenty of materials it can work with. Your signage can use wood, foamcore, PVC plastics, acrylic or metal for your substrates. Unlike 2D signs, you have even more that you can customize to make every sign look different from the last. Additionally, the 3D nature of the signage means you can do more with lighting and other digital features.

Finding the Right Sign

Now that you know the primary advantages of each type of sign, you should be well prepared to decide between the different sign types. If you need to communicate more information or direct people to appropriate locations, then you’ll likely want to go with a 2D sign. In contrast, if you have a short message that needs to get through to viewers despite other competing signs, you’ll want to go with a 3D sign.

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