A Guide to Golf Tournament Signage

A Guide to Golf Tournament Signage

MAY 18, 2020| SpeedPro

Hosting a golf tournament is a great way to foster some friendly competition or fundraise for a good cause. However, it’s easy for your guests and participants to get lost, bored or confused without proper signage at the tournament.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of signs you should have at your next golf tournament and why they are essential to hosting a successful event.

Top Golf Signage Options

To improve the experience of attendees and players at your golf tournament, you should consider adding the following signs and graphics:

1. Custom Event Tents

Branded tents for events are perfect for golf tournaments, as they often contain key elements like event graphics, sponsorship logos, concession areas and merchandise stands. An event tent with logos on it, for example, is a popular choice because it spreads brand awareness while also offering functional value.

Often, custom outdoor event tents come in the form of pop-up canopies, frame event tents, pole tents or pop-up canopies with sidewalls. All of the different event tent types contain a canopy that provides shade to those underneath it, making it ideal for hot days.

Event tents will often house stands so vendors can sell drinks, food and merchandise that attendees are sure to enjoy. Depending on the configuration, your custom event tents will have a variety of materials that can be branded with your graphics or sponsorship logos that communicate targeted messages to attendees.

2. Directional Signs

Directional signs, also known as wayfinding signs, are crucial to an attendee’s experience at a tournament. Wayfinding signs provide directions for those attending the golf tournament.

They can help fans find their way to the grounds, seating areas, restrooms, holes, concession stands and merchandise stands. The signs will often feature bold arrows and colorful text to capture viewers’ attention and clearly communicate how people can get to their desired location.

In addition to providing directions for those attending the golf tournament, wayfinding signs can also name areas or buildings on a golf course’s grounds. Additionally, the signs can section off special areas or zones, like parking lots, smoking sections, family-friendly areas and VIP zones.

3. Flags

Golf Tournament Flags

Perfect for any outdoor event, but especially golf tournaments, flags are visually appealing accents you can easily add to your grounds. They come in a range of sizes and colors to fit your needs and add an element of fun and movement to your event.

A flag has a festive appearance that immediately puts people in a mindset to relax and have a good time. In addition to their laid-back appearance, flags can house any number of color combinations that will bring your graphics to life.

By the time the last hole has been played, and people begin to filter out to the parking lot, the arresting colors and vivid images of the flags will have solidified your brand in the minds of anyone attending. Plus, since flags blow in the wind, they are more dynamic, with their movement capturing the attention of attendees.

4. Step and Repeat Banners

Have attendees commemorate their presence at your golf tournament with custom step and repeat banners. They offer fans the chance to step up to a backdrop, have their picture taken in front of it, then rotate out so someone else can get a picture. Golf promoters can place the banners indoors or outdoors, adding a visually appealing element to any environment.

On the backdrops, you can include logos that advertise the golf tournament, along with sponsor graphics. The background images will often feature the course’s logo or an image associated with the tournament. These logos and graphics will improve the backdrop’s appearance and give fans the opportunity to take a picture that commemorates their presence at the golf tournament.

For golf tournament promoters, step and repeat banners are an especially appealing option since they are a natural way to improve brand awareness. Many fans will often share pictures taken in front of the banner on their preferred social media. The branded graphics featured on the banner will provide free exposure and spread awareness about the tournament.

5. Welcome Banner

As attendees enter the tournament grounds, you’ll want to start their experience right. To do so, you should welcome attendees into the event with a banner that lets them know they are at the right event and gets them excited to see their favorite golfers play.

The banner should have the title of the event displayed prominently, along with sponsor logos, to showcase the main contributors to the tournament. The sight of a large banner automatically puts attendees in the mindset that they’re attending an important event that promises to provide exceptional entertainment. You can also place a welcome banner over the area where players gather while the event is introduced before teeing off begins.

6. Digital Signal

Your attendees will likely want to know who’s in the lead and how their favorite golfer is doing. For the most up to date information about each golfer’s score, which hole they’re on and other interesting stats, the best golf tournament organizers turn to digital signs.

Instead of having to make any changes to a leaderboard manually, a digital leaderboard can be adjusted with a click or two from a computer. Since the signs are so easy to adjust, they are perfect for sporting events, like golf tournaments, as they keep fans updated on all the most recent developments in the tournament.

Since attendees will be scattered throughout the course, having multiple digital signs at key locations will make sure everyone has the latest information.

Why Customized Golf Signage Is Important

Customized golf signage is crucial for golf courses looking to raise their stature as a premier golf tournament option and for organizations hosting a golf tournament. With the signage in place, the organization hosting the event will be able to develop a strong identity at the course that sticks out in fans’ minds and makes the tournament a must-see attraction.

Customized golf signage brings the event to life and helps viewers have a better experience watching the golfers play. With customized golf signage, attendees will always know where they are going, and they will never have to wonder who’s in the lead or who needs to catch up.

Craft Custom Golf Tournament Signs With SpeedPro

From event tents and tee sponsorship signs to hospitality tents, tee box signs, and merchandise, SpeedPro can handle it. We’ve worked with several athletic organizations to produce visually appealing event graphics that improve the aesthetic of any sporting event

There are a variety of signs you can choose from when you decide to employ graphics at a golf tournament. In order to get the most out of your graphics, you should work with a company that has the versatility needed to create diverse golf tournament signs. As a nationwide network of studios, SpeedPro has the experience and equipment needed to produce unforgettable graphics and signs.

Find your local SpeedPro to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your signage and to receive a free quote.

Craft custom golf tournament signs with SpeedPro.

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