Why Choose Vinyl Graphics?

Why Choose Vinyl Graphics?

NOVEMBER 5, 2020| SpeedPro



If you had to limit yourself to one material for your graphics, you would probably want to choose vinyl. That’s because vinyl really isn’t limiting at all. It’s one of the most versatile materials available, and you can make it your own to create displays that are durable, attractive and completely custom.

What Are Vinyl Graphics?

Vinyl graphics are any printed graphics that use vinyl as a substrate. Vinyl is a type of plastic derived from ethylene. One of the most well-known types of vinyl is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This and other types of vinyl can take many forms. Vinyl is a versatile material that can range from thin and flexible to thick and rigid.

That’s why you’ll find vinyl used for many everyday objects from plumbing pipes to music records in addition to printing. Vinyl is a popular material for printing for several reasons, which we’ll explore below.

Types of Vinyl Graphics [list]

Types of Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics come in different types to fit various applications. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of vinyl graphics, all of which you can create with SpeedPro:

  • Vinyl banners: Vinyl is the most popular material choice for banners. You can use calender, cast or mesh vinyl, all of which offer their own advantages. Vinyl banners come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You can display them by mounting them to light poles, hanging them by grommets or framing them with a banner stand. Banners have a festive feel, making them a great option for celebratory and timely messages, as well as long-term displays.
  • Adhesive vinyl: Some vinyl graphics are printed onto thin, flexible vinyl and backed by adhesive. This is a large category that includes vinyl floor graphics, wall murals, elevator wraps, vehicle wraps and any type of vinyl decals. Decals can stick to many surfaces and provide an excellent way to personalize an object or a whole space. Adhesive decals range in size from something akin to a sticker to an entire wall covering or semi-truck wrap.
  • Magnetic vinyl: You can also choose to print your graphics on magnetic vinyl. These graphics are similar to adhesive decals, but instead of sticking them in place permanently, you can place them on metal surfaces, and if you want to move them around, you can. Magnet graphics are a popular choice for branding vehicles and metal objects like doors and desks.
  • Window vinyl: Window graphics can be a type of adhesive decal, or they can be made of vinyl that clings rather than adheres to glass surfaces. Window graphics can transform a storefront, a glass divider in an office or any window into something extraordinary and can provide privacy when needed. Window graphics can be opaque, translucent, transparent, perforated or have an etched glass look.

Why Vinyl Is a Great Material Choice for Graphics

There are several reasons to consider choosing vinyl for your next display project. Vinyl offers many practical advantages that make it a favorite material in the printing industry.

1. Vinyl Can Stand Up to Outdoor Conditions

One of the reasons vinyl is a popular material choice is because it’s one of the most weather-proof materials. Of course, vinyl can also work well for indoor applications, but when you’re creating outdoor signage, vinyl is a sure win.

This is because vinyl is essentially waterproof and is UV-resistant. Come rain or shine, your vinyl graphics will continue to look great and can hold up for years. Mesh vinyl even allows air to pass through, making it more likely that a banner will stay mounted in place even in windy conditions.

2. Vinyl Is an Affordable Material

Vinyl is also a relatively affordable material — especially considering just how durable it is. Premium materials like polyester fabric and canvas offer their own advantages, including their high-end appearance, but in many cases, vinyl delivers the same practical benefits at a lower cost.

You can even combine these materials if you want to keep costs down and enjoy the benefits of both vinyl and fabric. You can do this by transferring vinyl graphics onto a fabric material rather than printing directly onto fabric through dye sublimation.

3. Vinyl Graphics Are Lightweight and Easy to Install

Vinyl graphics are lightweight and flexible, making it easy to transport and store them. Take a banner, for instance — you can roll it up or fold it when you’re not using it or, if you’re using a retractable banner stand, let the stand do the work for you.

These graphics are also easy to install. For adhesive vinyl, you simply remove the backing and press the decal firmly to a clean, dry surface, pushing out any air bubbles as you go for a smooth finish. For banners, you don’t need a whole team of people even if you’re hanging a banner since they are lightweight. Banners that use stands are even easier to set up.

4. Vinyl Graphics Are Easy to Maintain

Because vinyl is not an absorbent material, this also makes it easy to keep clean. Vinyl is naturally resistant to getting stained since spills will roll right off the material. However, vinyl surfaces can get dirty over time. To clean them, you simply need to wipe them down with a cloth soaked in water and a non-abrasive detergent.

You can even extend the life of your vinyl graphics by restoring the color when it begins to fade. Specially designed vinyl restorative products are available to help bring out your graphics’ color and shine once again after it has started to oxidize.

5. You Can Customize Vinyl Graphics on Many Levels

Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials out there. This is true broadly speaking and in terms of printing. In addition to choosing a type of vinyl display like banners or decals, you can customize your display further by choosing the size, shape, specific type of vinyl and any finishing details. For example, you can laminate your vinyl graphics to add more protection. You can also choose from matte and glossy finishes.

Of course, you also personalize your vinyl graphics with your custom text and images. Vinyl graphics provide the perfect way to make your message and brand colors pop. SpeedPro can carefully match your signature colors to ensure your vinyl graphics tie in seamlessly with your other branded materials.

Custom Vinyl Graphics From SpeedPro

If you’re interested in creating vinyl graphics, SpeedPro can help. Our staff can assist you in choosing the right type of vinyl for your application and ensure you’re thrilled with the finished product. SpeedPro is your source for quality vinyl signage that makes a positive impression on your audience. Get started by finding your closest SpeedPro studio. Your local staff can walk you through the process so you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of custom vinyl displays.

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