Three Simple Reasons to Invest in Step and Repeat Banners

APRIL 12, 2021|

Unless you’re in the event planning or graphics business, you may not know what step and repeat banners are – but you’ve definitely seen one before. Red carpet banners are probably the most well-known example of step and repeat banners. These logo-laden signs also grace the stages at press conferences, product launches and other corporate or marketing events.

They are also be referred to as backdrop banners since they’re often used as a background for photos and videos at different events.

Your event may not have the star power of the Emmy’s or Grammy’s, but you can still roll out the red carpet for guests by incorporating a step and repeat banner at your buzz-worthy event. Even better, these banners have massive marketing power – and could potentially put your brand in front of millions.

Here are three simple reasons to invest in step and repeat banners for events:

1. Draw in a Crowd at Festivals, and Legitimize Your Brand at a Product Launch

A step and repeat banner right outside your event entrance is a sure-fire way to garner immediate attention.

Not only does it inform attendees who are throwing or sponsoring your event, but it also lends itself as an eye-catching point of interest that will draw in curious crowds. This is especially useful for open events like festivals and fairs, where you want to attract the attention of passive onlookers and potential new event attendees and brand advocates.

For invitation-only events, product promotions and launch parties, step and repeat banners are a valuable tool to direct guests toward the entrance. This will move guests into your event experience right away while providing them with an interactive and engaging photo opportunity before they even come in the entrance.

Step and repeats also instantly legitimize your brand and any event sponsors. These customized banners look professional, attract more people and build brand recognition and affinity.

2. Get Additional Mileage from Photo Ops and Social Share-ability at VIP Outings and Grand Openings

Because we associate step and repeat banners with celebrities, your guests will be eager to pose for photos in front of them. These photos are social media-friendly, and once they’re uploaded online, they’ll live on forever.

Plus, many guests use photos with step and repeat backdrops as their profile picture on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, where the photos get strong levels of engagement. This is like ongoing free advertising for your brand whenever another person sees or interacts with the photo.

Step and repeat banners also give you the opportunity to promote yourself with industry thought leaders and executives that attend your event. Post photos to your social channels or company website, tag notable attendees and share articles and photos of your event that appear in the press.

3. Reuse Your Vinyl Banner for Years to Come

A natural photo opportunity and social share-ability mean you’ll get more traction from your investment in step and repeat banners as they create branding opportunities to market your business for months after an event. It’s also a sound investment because you can reuse the same step and repeat banner for years.

Whether you’re throwing another event or trying to stand out at a trade show or convention, a durable step and repeat banner should last for years. This is particularly true for vinyl banners, which can easily withstand different weather conditions at your summer event.

Step and repeat banners are the perfect way to get guests involved in a summer event – from outdoor seminars and networking functions, to product launches and pop-up promotional events. These banners also create endless possibilities to put your brand in front of new audiences for years, and you can reuse your backdrop at countless different company parties and other events in the future.

To learn more about custom step and repeat banners that create a high ROI, picture-perfect branding opportunity, find a SpeedPro studio near you today!

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