How to Let People Know Your Restaurant is Open

How to Let People Know Your Restaurant Is Open

JUNE 17, 2021| SpeedPro


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Whether your restaurant was closed temporarily and is ready to reopen or you’re opening for the first time, you need to spread this exciting news. In this post, we’ll cover some options for how to promote your restaurant to your customer base so you can start strong in this new chapter. We’ll look at four effective ways you can get the word out to your customers.

1. Online Channels

Restaurants can connect with many of their customers online. Consider using these channels to help you spread the word that you are open for business:

  • Website: New restaurants should create a website that includes information on when the restaurant is opening and what the hours will be. In a 2019 survey, more than three-quarters of diners said they were likely to visit a restaurant’s website before going to the establishment. Whether you’re a new restaurant or an existing restaurant that has closed temporarily, your website will be the first place many customers will look to see if you’re open for business. Consider placing this information in a prominent location on your homepage.
  • Social media: If your restaurant has social media accounts, you can use these platforms, as well. Updating customers on a grand opening or reopening date, new hours and other news is simple through social media. Plus, it makes for a great restaurant marketing strategy since people can share the post with friends and followers. If possible, include an image since visual content is known to boost engagement with posts across social media channels.
  • Google My Business: Google My Business (GMB) can also be a helpful — and free — tool for restaurants. When a person searches for your restaurant online, your GMB listing should be prominently featured, showing your hours and whether you offer dine-in, takeout and delivery services along with other information. Searchers also encounter GMB listings when they’re exploring options near them. For example, a search like “barbecue restaurants near me” or “breakfast places in Cincinnati” will bring up a list of local restaurants which, for your target audience, should include your business.

2. Direct Messages

You can also use direct messages to spread the word that you’re open. Consider using these options to announce your opening and to draw customers in with special offers. You can use both physical and virtual options for messaging:

  • Direct mail: You can create postcards to send out to people in your community letting them know you’re open. Consider including a special coupon or promotion to encourage them to visit your restaurant. Including photos on the mailer can also make it more enticing and cause people to take a closer look.
  • Digital messages: You can also use email and text messaging to reach existing customers if you have a mailing list. Let your subscriber base know you’re open and encourage them to stop in. As with direct mail, you can also include promotions in these messages. You may also want to link to online sources like news stories on your restaurant, pages on your website or your social media accounts.

Install eye-catching signs to spread the word

3. Outdoor Signage

Signage can also be an effective way to advertise your business. As the National Restaurant Association puts it, newly opened restaurants should create signs that provide “visual, visible, pointed messages for people driving by.” Install eye-catching signs near your restaurant to spread the word that you’re open to anyone who passes through the area. Some outdoor signage types to consider include:

  • Yard signs: Yard signs are a great option for letting people know you’re open and sharing other time-sensitive messages because they’re affordable and easy to mass-produce quickly. Installation is also exceptionally easy. These signs are smaller than some other outdoor signs, so they are best placed close to roadways and walkways where people will view them in fairly close proximity. You should also keep messages short and simple. For example, you could include your business name or logo along with the phrase “Now open!”
  • Banners: Banners are high-impact displays perfect for grand openings and reopenings. Of the three options included here, banners tend to offer the most room for text and graphics, so you can include more on them. However, it’s still best to keep the messaging simple and keep the text large enough that people can easily read the message from a distance. You can use banner stands to create freestanding banner displays, or you can hang banners on your building’s facade.
  • Flags: Flags have a celebratory feel that makes them ideal for announcing positive messages, including new openings or reopenings. Flags are colorful and attention-grabbing, especially since they flutter in the breeze. These displays work best with succinct messages. Some restaurants may want to use multiple flags to share more information. For example, you could install flags that read “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” and “Dinner” if you’re open for all three meals, or you could install “Dine-in,” “Carryout,” and “Delivery” flags to advertise these services.

4. Storefront Signage

For restaurants located in downtown areas or plazas where people are likely to pass by on foot, storefront signage is another key signage type to consider. Imagine a hungry shopper walking past your restaurant. Would it be obvious to them that you’re open? Make sure the answer is yes with one or more of these signs:

  • Window graphics: Window graphics are ideal for storefronts since they can be placed on glass surfaces like your front door and windows. Restaurants can use window graphics to attract customers in various ways. One of these ways is by displaying your restaurant’s hours so, even if you’re closed at the time, a customer knows when to come back. You can also use a window graphic to let people know you’re about to open or you’ve just opened.
  • Illuminated signs: Illuminated signs have long been a staple for restaurants. Glowing signs are especially helpful when it’s dark outside. Even in daylight, illuminated signs can be especially eye-catching, even from a distance. You could always purchase a generic sign, but why not create something custom that accomplishes the same purposes while also reinforcing your brand image? A custom neon sign declaring you’re open can make your restaurant stand out.
  • A-frames: A-frame signs, also called sidewalk signs, are a great option to consider, as well. As the name suggests, these signs are typically placed on the sidewalk in front of your establishment. They’re great for stopping passersby in their tracks and getting them to notice your business. In addition to letting folks know you’re open, A-frame signs also work well for displaying your menu to curious customers. With A-frame signs, you can easily change out the graphic and move the sign as needed, making it a convenient and versatile display.

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