Restaurants Turn Up For Cinco De Mayo With SpeedPro, The Nation’s Most Trusted Restaurant Graphics Partner

MAY 5, 2017| SpeedPro

Today is Cinco de Mayo and most restaurant owners are slammed – struggling to keep drinks flowing and tables full of spectacular dishes.   And this year’s Cinco will be more insane than most as the holiday falls on a Friday.

That sound you’re hearing from restaurant owners nationwide is one of “Cha-ching” filled optimism as they all hope the customers, and the margaritas, will be flowing all night long.   But far too few of them planned effectively – they didn’t plan for this night weeks ahead by showcasing Cinco De Mayo deals and specials with outdoor signagewindow graphics, and table coverings.

The good news is we can help at SpeedPro.   As the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, we have decades of experience helping restaurants attract a crowd for Cinco De Mayo and all other holidays/promotions that are key to their success.   Our Great. Big. Graphics. help any restaurant owner wow customers today and inspire them to make return visits for big events…and just because.

Now, while Americans have adopted Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of a victory during the Franco-Mexican war, as our own, it’s far from the only excuse we make to celebrate at local restaurants and bars.  It doesn’t take much of a nudge to get American consumers to party. Among the top drinking “holidays” in the U.S.:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween

So, maybe you missed the boat for this year’s Cinco de Mayo. No worries. There are several holidays approaching that will bring customers out in droves, especially if you team up with SpeedPro. Notable fast approaching dates include May 14, Mother’s Day, the Super Bowl for the restaurant industry.

We’re only two Sunday’s away. And that’s just enough time for you to consult with your local SpeedPro studio to develop a graphics package that could encourage local families to treat Mom to something special at your restaurant. The possibilities are endless:

  • Featuring the mothers and special messages from your restaurant’s employees.
  • Imagine the looks of amazement from patrons who can’t take their eyes off your originally designed high-quality wall mural.
  • You know it’s all about social-media. Help families capture the spirit of the day with a Mother’s Day themed point of purchase (POP) Of-course, your hashtags and web address will be in a convenient location!

Don’t fall victim to underestimating single-day events and promotions. We’re just now entering prime time for the restaurant industry. With SpeedPro’s assistance, now is the perfect time to develop your summertime marketing plan:

Warmer temperatures typically encourage locals and visitors to venture outdoors. Because the hotel industry also sees an increase in business during the tourism season, restaurants located in or around busy hotels might notice an increase in business. What’s more, some restaurants hold events during the summer months, such as outdoor music and other fun entertainment, which is likely to draw customers and increase sales.

And events are just one reason to partner with SpeedPro.  You just updated your menu to reflect the rising temperatures. But how do you get the word out? SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, is here to assist. SpeedPro offers a wide range of attention-grabbing, customizable, high-impact graphics that help with any kind of promotion or announcement.   These include:

  • Outdoor Signage – People are outdoors this time of year. Sharp impactful banners highlighting your promotions and specials will help drive customers inside your restaurant.
  • Window Graphics – Sometimes a description doesn’t do your menu justice. Put your culinary creations on display on those clean windows for the world to see.
  • Flags – Out-of-towners are flocking to your city for spring and summer festivities. Where are they going to eat? They’re heading to your establishment because the feather flags with big, bold graphics caught their eye during their initial stroll around the city.
  • Table Coverings – Do you cater to health-conscious diners? Let them know the source of your ingredients, right there on the table. Our graphics allows you to create a cool map that pinpoints where your products were grown
  • Vehicle Wraps – Whether you have a big conversion van or a convertible, let our studio experts equip your valuable mobile resource with graphics where many of your customers are…on the road.

The party never ends when it comes to properly marketing your beloved business. Don’t let the opportunity to remind customers and visitors what differentiates you from the others slip away. Your restaurant and bar is the main course. Let us serve your customer’s mesmerizing graphic displays.

For more information about SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, contact your local SpeedPro to get started.

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