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4 Ways to Make Your Next Community Event Successful with Large-Format Graphics

JULY 2, 2019|

Sixty percent of consumers said they would be deterred from entering a business without any signage – and the same rings true for any community event you organize.

From parades and block parties to farmers’ markets and art fairs, the success of your community event ultimately lies in attendance and engagement. Eye-catching signage is the key to grabbing attention and driving foot traffic where you want it.

In other words, your large-format event graphics should not only draw in the crowds, but also excite and engross them once they’re immersed in the experience you’ve created for them.

Here are four ways to make your next community event successful with large-format graphics:

1. Make a Sweeping Statement with a Custom Banner

Versatile and high-impact, custom banners are among the most popular and effective ways to earmark your venue and announce your event to the masses.

These bright, bold large-format graphics go beyond conventional signs to stand above the crowd and stretch your event name and branding across large areas.

Sharing Chicago Stories outdoor banner enlarged

Because banners are often the first thing people will notice when they stroll down a street or step onto your site, you’ll want to make a loud and lasting impression. Beyond the event name, your banner should also display bold colors and strong branding that immediately sets the tone of the event.

Even better than their high visibility and impact, custom banners are also completely adaptive to your budget, event type and weather. There are endless possibilities to customize the material, format and style of your banner, so your perfectly-tailored signage will also be outfitted to withstand years of wear or inclement weather.

2. Create Lasting Impressions with Interactive, Social Media-Friendly, Large-Format Displays

Foster a strong feeling of engagement by letting your guests take ownership of their surroundings, directly interact with their environment – and share the experience on social media.

Depending on the event, you can leverage step-and-repeat banners, stand-alone murals or any other on-theme, larger-than-life displays that scream for a photo op. Be sure to incorporate your event’s social media hashtag and any other unique branding throughout these displays.

An evening at the Oscars backdrop

Also, try to look for creative ways to integrate the social media plug into surrounding and freestanding signs in order to keep it aligned with your broader theme.

At an art fair, for example, graffiti walls are an eye-catching way to highlight a hashtag, handle or other social media feature, without seeming out of place in an outdoor setting.

You can take the concept to the next level and really connect with your community by partnering with a local artist to design the street art.

Or, give your guests markers and spray paint to ‘tag’ the wall themselves, so they can customize it to their own experience and further engage with the event – both in-person and online.

3. Set Up Camp with Event Tents, and Get Creative with Your Coverage

Don’t miss out on any chances to maximize your space, and seize all opportunities to transform an event’s nondescript necessities into branding powerhouses. Ordinarily bland, neutral-color event tents, tables and other essentials are the perfect places to start.

Set up different tents at your event’s entrance, exit and other check-in points for guests to spot right away. These tents should boast splashes of color and other big, bold elements that match your broader theme while standing out to grab guests’ attention amidst the excitement.

Rick Wickeds event tent

If you’re hosting a farmers’ market, food festival or similar local fair, you can offer to provide tented areas for each vendor at an additional cost. Not only does this create another potential revenue opportunity, but it also helps you coordinate each tent’s style to match your event’s central theme.

Any tables, benches and other outdoor furniture also offer you appealing opportunities to creatively tie together your event’s overall aesthetic and create a stronger attendee experience.

Custom coverings and toppers make your eating area look polished and professional. Each colorful accent helps contribute to the entire event design and experience while keeping guests engaged and impressed.

Color matching technology also ensures the graphics on your table cover will look exactly how you want them, while seamlessly coordinating with the rest of the event branding – and elevating the guest experience.

4. Lead the Way with Directional Signage

In any community event, you want attendees to feel completely enveloped and immersed in the atmosphere and experience. That sense of experience should never falter, even when your signs need to serve a practical purpose – like helping guests navigate their way through a crowd.

Easy wayfinding to key points like restrooms, vendor areas, entrances and exits is critical for a positive experience and strong guest engagement. At the same time, directional signage and barriers should also serve to complement your theme – not detract from it.

Midtown Farmers Market signage

Use a-frames and other freestanding signage along the perimeter of your event to keep guests within the “walls” of your outdoor venue. Entry chutes that funnel attendees into your check-in point and other prominent areas help keep traffic light and your event running smoothly.

Dynamic, vibrant and easy-to-read flags are another creative signage solution you can leverage to mark restrooms and other key areas, keep guests moving throughout your event and complement your theme.

Use the landscape to better integrate your signage, like nestling signs among trees or plants, for an added experiential effect.

Create a Memorable Event Experience That’ll be the Talk of the Town

When you create a strong guest experience, your special event can easily become your community’s most highly-anticipated outing or centermost point of pride.

And, after all your planning, coordinating and pre-event promotion, you don’t want to lose out on more than half your potential event attendees – or have their experience fall flat – because of lackluster signage and design.

Make sure your event strikes a chord with the community, draws in the crowds and creates an enviable attendee experience by leveraging creative, eye-catching signage all throughout your venue.

To learn more about the best large-format graphics to leverage for a successful community event, find a SpeedPro studio near you today.

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