7 Ways to Use Corporate Wall Graphics

7 Ways to Use Corporate Wall Graphics in Your Business

MARCH 18, 2020| SpeedPro



While some people think the best place for wall graphics is a child’s bedroom, savvy business owners know how much value corporate wall graphics can provide their workplace.

With the right graphics on your walls, you can spruce up your office’s interior to make it more attractive to clients, employees and visitors. Additionally, there are a variety of other ways to use small or large-format wall graphics, such as advertising a service, directing people around your building and establishing a brand identity. To get the most out of corporate wall graphics, you’ll need to know what they are and how best to use them.

What Are Corporate Wall Graphics?

Corporate wall graphics are a subcategory of corporate graphics. A corporate wall graphic typically involves signage, lettering or decals placed on a wall inside or outside an office building. Companies regularly use these graphics for aesthetic purposes, as they can improve the appearance of an office’s walls.

Often, companies see corporate wall graphics as a way to break free from the stereotypical plain, personality-less office. With corporate wall graphics, you can craft lively environments that reflect your company’s identity and help make your employees’ time more enjoyable.

What Are the Main Types of Corporate Wall Graphics?

As you consider using corporate wall graphics, it’s crucial to know the main type of wall graphics available for companies. Large wall murals, custom letters and decals are the three primary types of corporate wall graphics available today. You can find out more about them below.

The Main Types of Corporate Wall Graphics [list]


Murals are the most artistic and eye-catching type of corporate wall graphic you can choose. Indoor wall murals are typically available with a wide selection of images, graphics and colors. Because large wall mural printing adds an artistic feel to your walls, interior wall murals are typically best at improving the feel of an office’s environment. Outdoor wall murals primarily make an office space more appealing and inviting for your clients and employees.

Custom Letters

Custom lettering is a popular option for companies who want to brand their building with custom messages and the company’s name. Two-dimensional options are usually the most common, but you can use three-dimensional letters to make even more of a statement.  Since three-dimensional letters project out of the wall, they are excellent at highlighting the message you’d like to spread to viewers. Whether 2D or 3D, the letters will typically come in attractive fonts, colors and sizes to improve the appearance of a building.


Custom decals are some of the most straightforward corporate graphics to install on office walls. They tend to also be relatively inexpensive, due to their material and their quick installation process. You can think of vinyl decals as professional-looking stickers that can contain a range of brand-friendly graphics, messages and colors. If you regularly switch out signage and graphics on your walls, decals are an ideal choice. They also are flexible in size, ranging from tiny graphics to full wall decals.

The Primary Uses of Corporate Wall Graphics

The Primary Uses of Corporate Wall Graphics [list]

There are plenty of ways to use corporate wall graphics at your place of business. To get the most out of your corporate wall graphics, you’ll need to know some ideas for where and how to place them and the advantages they give to those who use them.

Consider the following ways you can use corporate wall graphics.

1. Brand Your Office Space

One of the primary ways businesses use office wall coverings is to brand their space. Consistent branding is crucial to any company’s success, as it makes them more memorable and credible to clients and other visitors. If you want to be well-respected in your industry and become a household name, branding is crucial.

Corporate wall graphics allow you to place your custom imagery, graphics, colors and logos onto the office’s walls. Prominently displaying your logo with corporate signage can underscore your company’s identity. Wall graphics are an extension of all of your advertising and branding efforts. If done effectively, your wall graphics will make your company inseparable from specific colors, images and phrases.

To properly brand your office space, you can use different types of corporate graphics to craft a consistent image of your company to customers, clients and employees. For example, custom corporate signage on both the interior and exterior of a building can showcase your company’s name in the proper colors. Office wall murals are also a great way to underscore your brand by highlighting creative imagery and graphics that showcase your company’s personality and history.

Smaller decals can also accent a variety of locations in your office space with subtle messages that reinforce the brand. Decals are particularly adept at displaying a company’s logo or another easily recognizable image that people will automatically associate with your brand. Any form of wall graphic can serve a role in branding, as long as it has qualities people associate with your company.

2. Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing methods available to companies looking to spread their message and get people to engage with your company’s journey. With a mural, for example, you can include graphics that show the progression of your company from its humble beginnings to the powerhouse it is now. One popular way to do this is to include a timeline of your company’s history along a wall.

By telling a story about your company through wall graphics, you can impress new clients and show them an inside look into your company’s origins. A mural that tells your company story can also positively affect employees, as they will have a constant reminder that they are part of something bigger than themselves. People want to have a purpose, and sharing your story can help craft that purpose.

3. Communicate Core Values and Mission Statement

Another primary benefit of using commercial wall graphics is the way they can communicate the values that drive your business.

Custom lettering, whether in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, is an especially popular kind of corporate wall graphic when you want to convey your values. Many companies love to put their mission statement up on a wall where employees regularly pass by. Having it displayed on your wall will remind employees of the standards they should be aspiring to in their work, as well as the values they should seek to emulate.

You can also craft smaller wall graphics that highlight the core values the company holds. Boil these values down to single words and spread them tactfully throughout the office to keep them at the forefront of your staff’s minds.

Besides using text, you can communicate your company’s mission and values with images that make it clear what you care about. For example, a wall graphic that contains a photo of your team engaging in a day of service will show the way your company values the community they operate in.

4. Showcase Products or Services

If you regularly receive clients in your office or sell products from a store, you’ll love commercial wall graphics. On the graphic, you can include images of your products or services to pique the interest of those that are visiting your building. Whether you use small or large wall graphic decals, an engaging image of a product or service can go a long way to inspire people to make a purchase.

One popular way to showcase a product is to include a picture of it on the walls of a retail location. Whenever a potential customer sees the photo of the product, they’ll think more about how they could use it, and they’ll be more likely to check it out while they shop. Along with a picture of the product, you might also include text to highlight some main features.

If your company doesn’t offer any products, but provides services to clients instead, you can include images of your team completing a service or use graphics that showcase the benefits of a particular service. Graphics that showcase the services you offer will help potential clients envision themselves using them. As a result, these images should raise the chances that a potential client inquires about a service.

Even if you don’t sell a product or service, a corporate wall graphic that contains images of what you offer consumers will help your employees have a visual representation of what they are helping produce. By seeing what their work helps create and the type of impact their services make on clients’ lives, your employees will be more engaged in the larger project your company is committed to.

5. Motivate Employees

Companies can also use wall graphics to motivate employees to reach their full potential. The average worker spends around eight hours a day in their workplace, and, because of this, it’s essential to make the office somewhere they enjoy being. If your workplace doesn’t have any personality or visual appeal, it’s going to take a toll on your employees’ moods. To help keep workers engaged, you must craft wall graphics that inspire and uplift.

Since wall graphics can feature text, some companies like to place vinyl lettering or custom decals on their walls that express inspiring quotes or motivational phrases. The idea behind the messages is that they will give the space some personality, as well as helping employees get in a mindset where they can emulate the core message shared on the walls.

While catchy slogans or inspiring messages can help foster a consistent attitude among employees, you don’t have to be so overt with your motivational efforts. Instead of being so obvious, you might find that placing whole wall decals throughout your office that feature vibrant colors and pleasant images leads to a workforce that’s more energetic and ready to come to work.

6. Provide Directions

The most functional benefit to wall graphics is their ability to give directions to people inside or outside of the building. With directional graphics on your walls, you can point visitors to areas that they might be looking for. Say, for example, a potential client is coming to meet you at the office. If you share the building with other businesses, you’ll want to have info on the building’s walls that directs your prospect to the appropriate reception area.

Wayfinding graphics on your walls are simple in application. The graphics often identify restrooms, elevators, meeting rooms, individuals’ office spaces and other important areas. Other than using text to show where various things are, these graphics also use images, like arrows, to help people understand where they need to go.

Directional graphics are crucial for a company, as they provide both a functional and an emotional benefit. No one likes to feel unsure of where to go. If a potential client or new employee arrives at your office and gets lost, they may feel frustrated or confused. To prevent any negative feelings, you can place directional signs around the office space to put new visitors in a relaxed, confident state.

7. Attract Attention

The goal of corporate wall graphics is to get people’s attention. From highlighting a new product and reflecting the values of an organization to providing directions for visitors and motivating employees, you want others to notice your message. Since wall graphics are noticeable on both the inside and outside of buildings, they often appear in both locations.

On the exterior, you can install murals or decals that will stand out to your target audience. If you regularly host meetings at the building, a mural that features your company’s name or logo will make your building extra noticeable for clients or business partners coming to a meeting. Additionally, the presence of a corporate wall graphic outside your building can make more people aware of your company and spread brand awareness.

Along with wall graphics on the exterior, indoor wall graphics can pull attention to key areas of your office. For example, a wall graphic with your logo behind a reception desk can draw people to your receptionist. The graphics can also highlight aspects of your business that you want visitors to know about. For instance, wall graphics can call attention to your company’s values, new services and past successes, to name only a few options.

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