Music Festival Season: Make Your Signs Rock!

APRIL 8, 2021|

Every year, the popularity of music festivals reaches new heights – and once we bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will all be able to dance, laugh and sing together.

Live, high-energy, mesmerizing music isn’t the only thing drawing in the crowds at music festivals, however. For experience-driven festival-goers, it’s just as much about the culture, atmosphere and energy that encapsulates them at the event.

In other words, as a music festival organizer, you have to put on as much of a jaw-dropping show as the musicians performing.

festival goers jumping for photo in front of festival stage

By creating an immersive environment with dimensional, eye-catching event signage, you can pump up the volume – and energy – at your music festival. Even better, big, bold graphics and visuals are very cost-effective and can work on any budget.

Here are some ways to make sure your event signage rocks this music festival season:

Power Up with Promotional Signs that Strike a Chord with Festival Goers

Don’t try to cut corners when it’s time to create marketing materials, messages and visuals for your festival. The outdoor signage you use to promote the festival is just as central to its success as the visuals displayed at the actual event.

Promotional signage displayed outside the music festival grounds is a phenomenal way to generate excitement in the weeks leading up to the event. As stages are built, event signage is installed and vendors set up tents, curious passersby will check out your standout signage to learn more about the event.

Printed at any scale, custom festival signs create the first line of promotion for your event, boldly announcing the festival name, lineup and run dates. Make sure you work with directors and managers to create promotional signs that use their production themes and images.

Custom a-frames and banners are other strong signage options to display right outside the festival grounds before an event. You can also generate more buzz and wide-reaching event exposure by strategically dispersing creative outdoor signage throughout the city or targeted area. Flags, sidewalk signs and other creative options help you promote your event while creating an immersive, engaging and multi-dimensional event experience even before the festival begins.

Be sure to coordinate all your designs and incorporate consistent colors and branding across all your signage, so potential attendees can get a feel for the festival vibe.

Make a Grand Entrance with Larger-Than-Life Visuals that Pop

The lineup, set list, vendors, fans and event visuals all vary between music festivals, but all the biggest-name events have one thing in common – an entrance that truly stands out.

From the iconic Lollapalooza sign to the arch at Bonnaroo, entryway signage serves as an integral part of the music festival experience for the “pics or it didn’t happen” generation.

Not only do these signs serve as a social media-friendly photo op, but they also point guests to the event entrance for a more organized flow.

Banners are powerful, simple tools to proactively promote an event, but dimensional sign projects that mark your festival entryway take your event experience to the next level. These pop-out signs are much more likely to attract valuable photo ops that your guests will clamor to post on their Instagram feed.

Help Guests Get Lost in the Music – Not in the Crowd – with Directional Signage

In terms of music festival graphics and visuals, wall murals and stage backdrops usually steal the show. They’re undeniably an essential part of the festival experience, and they’ll likely take a great deal of planning and ideation to execute.

However, festival organizers can get so caught up in these graphics that they forget to incorporate different wayfinding and directional signage – which is just as important to the experience.

Printed on various media, directional signage is fully customizable and crucial for event organization. Guide foot traffic throughout the festival grounds with directional signage, and highlight important areas like parking lots, garbage and recycling bins and restrooms.

This will make the experience much more enjoyable and stress-free for event attendees, and creative activations like floor graphics, flags or tents can add to the multi-dimensional, immersive event atmosphere. Plus, by providing directions to vendor and merchandise stands, you can also drive more event sales.

When it comes to a successful music festival, the marketing doesn’t stop before the event – it happens inside the gate, too. By using large, iconic signage and graphics at your festival, you can create the truly unforgettable, immersive and safe atmosphere that festival-goers crave as much as the music itself.

Make your music festival a memorable event that resonates and reverberates with guests for months, and become a hit in the event planning industry with unsurpassed visuals and graphics.

To learn more about top-tier music festival signage design and installation, find a SpeedPro studio near you today!

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