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Stunning Signs and Graphics for Baseball Stadiums

If you’re looking to take your baseball stadium graphics to the next level but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. At Speedpro, we have worked with many baseball teams in the past, delivering only the highest quality results.

Our history of working with athletic organizations have helped us hone in on the kind of graphics that give fans and teams the best experience. The most successful stadiums use the most cutting edge graphics and imagery throughout their stadium. From the clubhouse of your team to the dugout, the walls of the stadium and the seats of fans, there are many opportunities for graphics to take your stadium’s visual appeal to the next level.

Benefits of Baseball Stadium Graphics

Benefits of Baseball Stadium Graphics

With any of the graphic designs or visual changes you make in your stadium, you will be engaging in environmental graphic design. In short, this sort of design generates an experience that creates a connection between people and place, shares information and helps people navigate the space. If done well, your environment’s graphic design can have a variety of positive benefits for your team. A few of the benefits are listed below:

  • Craft an identity: Well designed graphics that utilize team colors and appropriate fonts send a message about who your team is and what fans should expect from them on the field. On the one hand, a sloppy and dull logo plastered onto the front of the stadium will send the message of a dispassionate, unprofessional organization. On the other hand, a vibrant, sleek logo displayed proudly on the front of the stadium gives the exact opposite impression to your fanbase, helping them care more about the team.
  • Wayfinding: Stadiums can be confusing to navigate. Knowing how to find the bathroom, a concession stand or your seat can often be overlooked. Graphics help your fans focus on experiencing the game, and not on how to not get lost.
  • Brand and advertising opportunities: With impressive graphics on display throughout your arena, you’ll be able to land more high profile advertisers who want to be associated with your brand. Also, you’ll be able to better market your newest deals and merchandise to fans with a network of graphics in place.

Why You Should Use Vinyl Graphics

If you’re looking to purchase graphics, you’ll want to be using only the best materials. Many of the graphics that Speedpro recommends are made out of vinyl. From vinyl graphics in the dugout or for the stadium as a whole, you should consider using them for the following reasons:

  • Cost: Vinyl graphics are very affordable and offer exceptional value for your team.
  • Durable: Graphics printed on vinyl will be long-lasting, regardless of whether they appear on the inside or outside of the stadium.
  • Contemporary look: Your fans will love the stylish, modern look that vinyl gives to any graphic that you print on it.

Stadium Graphics

Throughout a baseball stadium, you can utilize graphics to build your brand, provide functional value for fans and instill pride in the team. Below are ways that you can improve the exterior and interior of your stadium with graphics.

Exterior Graphics

Exterior Graphics: Custom Signage, Banners with Appealing Graphics

The first thing that fans or anyone passing by the stadium will see is going to be the stadium’s exterior. You want to both create a sense of awe in your fanbase and generate curiosity in those who walk or drive by the stadium throughout the day. Two ways that you can make a lasting impression is through visually appealing signs and banners on the exterior of your arena.

1. Custom Signage

Stadiums often have lots of foot traffic around their exterior, making it the perfect place for signs to show off your message. You can use your signs for a variety of purposes like presenting your team’s logo, name and other relevant information. Teams tend to place signs on top of the box office, along fencing and other blank spaces.

One of the most popular options at ballparks is to display the team’s name on a custom, outdoor sign. These signs help to brand your team and communicate a message about the identity of your organization. Backlit, large format sign graphics will make your logo or team name shine whether during the day or at night.

Along with incorporating a towering outdoor sign that displays your team’s name or logo, you can use other signs for more functional purposes. For example, a-frame sidewalk signs can display promotional deals or new concession items outside of the stadium in highly trafficked sidewalks to get fans excited for the game. Additionally, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signage will be crucial for meeting regulations and helping fans with disabilities. An example of this sort of signage would be accessible parking signs that businesses are required to incorporate into their parking lot.

2. Banners with Appealing Graphics

If you’d like to go with more lightweight look for your exterior displays, banners are the perfect option for your arena. Boulevard Banners are perfect for hanging on the streetlamps and posts along the sidewalks outside the ballpark. They are attractive accents for the area surrounding the stadium, as they add a professional and charming atmosphere.

Like signs, you can also utilize huge vinyl banners to hang on the outside of the stadium to draw attention to the team’s name, logo or other team-related information. The banners come in a variety of materials like cast, calendered and mesh vinyl so that you can find the perfect fit for your design.

Step and repeat banners are ways that you can create value for fans on the exterior or interior of the stadium. With these banners, you create a staged area where fans can take pictures in front of a fixed banner backdrop. In the backdrop, you can include images of star players, mascots or even the whole team. These backdrops can be a fun way for fans to create memories with the team and you can set them up anywhere.

Interior Stadium Graphics

Once fans enter the stadium, you’ll want to impress them with your designs. Make them feel awe and pride towards your organization through eye-catching graphics that celebrate the team’s history, its players and its current season.

1. Indoor Signage

In the interior of the stadium, you can use the large concourse walls to celebrate your team, display sponsor messages, help fans find their way around the stadium or memorialize player accomplishments. A wall mural can be designed to take up a large amount of space with a picture of your team or a creative illustration that matches the rest of the stadium’s aesthetic. These murals will show fans what you want your team to represent and give the interior of your stadium a unique appearance.

Along with wall murals, you can place signs that contain sponsor messages to increase your revenue or direct fans to the closest concession stand where they can get the sponsor’s product. Additionally, you can use the space for advertising your deals or merchandise.

If you’re looking for customizable, modern signage, digital signs are perfect for your stadium’s needs. With all of the changes that occur in the season, a digital sign makes it possible to implement updates quickly without having to order new materials and spend extra money. Say you want to have a sign that keeps track of your wins and losses throughout the season, a digital sign will provide cheaper and faster updates than a traditional sign ever could. Digital signs also give a modern look to the stadium and your graphics.

Wayfinding signage is crucial so that fans can find their seating quickly and navigate the stadium with ease. Wayfinding signs will clearly label portions of the stadiums (“Restroom” “Concessions” Section 110) or give directions (“Restrooms this way” “Turn Left for Exit”). Often they will combine text and pictograms to provide fans an intuitive and seamless experience as they walk around the ballpark.

2. Custom Decals

If you’re looking for quick, affordable ways to add graphics and branded images around your stadium, decals are the route to take. You can install them quickly, and they make excellent additions to seats, doors, walls and windows. You can easily swap them out, so they’re perfect for marketing upcoming events or products. Their ease of use, vivid colors and stylish fonts ensure that you are still getting the highest quality graphics.

3. Floor Graphics

Often a neglected part of the stadium, floors can host a number of graphics that will look good and, at times, be helpful. For instance, the floor at the entrance to the stadium could contain a large vinyl graphic of your team’s logo to brand your stadium. If you wanted to be more functional, arrows with text near them could be installed on the floor to help direct people through the stadium.

Field Signage and Graphics

Baseball’s field signage is one of the best sponsorship and ad revenue friendly venues in all of sports. In the outfield, you’ll often have lots of space along the fence separating the players and the crowd where you can let sponsors advertise. Also, you’ll usually have a large scoreboard that offers plenty of space to put graphics. As fans will be looking at the field for nine hours, your sponsors’ advertisements (and your own) will get plenty of time to make an impression on fans.

In the area surrounding your field, vinyl pad wraps, branded tarp covers and sponsored foul pole screens can add more opportunities for graphics to be front and center to fans as they watch the game. Additionally, large monitors can present flashy digital graphics to the crowd, delivering the latest news about the game, the team or any current promotional deals.

Dugout Graphics and Visual Design

Baseball dugout graphics are great for displaying the home team's logo or the image of a mascot

The roof of the dugout makes it a perfect place to display identity graphics such as the home team’s logo or a picture of the mascot. If you want to go for something more low-key, teams will often paint their dugouts their team color which is both visually appealing and further associates those colors with your team (Duke-blue, Carolina-blue, etc.).

Inside of the dugout, you’ll want the graphics to be more geared towards the players. Adding your team’s logo on the back of the wall will help your players identify with the organization as a whole and raise team spirit. In the opposing dugout, you can use your logo as a reminder that they are playing on your field.

In addition to your logo, you can paint the insides of the dugout to match your team colors or in a color that complements them. If you broadcast your games or if the dugout is visible to fans, you could also use the backwall of the dugout for sponsorships. Besides the backwall, you can use the railing that separates the dugout from the field as a place to put some minimal graphics that relate to your team or sponsors. Like the rest of your stadium, the baseball dugout can use vinyl graphics to give your dugout a contemporary appearance and hold up against the wear and tear a baseball season will bring.

Clubhouse/Locker Room Graphics

A baseball team’s clubhouse is like a second home. Containing their lockers, private exercise rooms, places to strategize with the coaches and space to relax with teammates, the baseball clubhouse is unique when compared to other sports. You’ll want your own clubhouse to be just as unique. Graphics are an excellent way to accomplish this.

Some ways you can make your clubhouse feel special to your players are outlined below:

  • Clubhouse signs: On a player’s locker, you can implement a sign that contains their name, picture, hometown and position to make a part of the clubhouse feel like their own. On a functional level, you’ll want your clubhouse to be clear about where things are and how to find them. For example, placing signs that indicate the location of the locker room, showers, film room, recreation center and exercise room will acclimate new players to the clubhouse faster and give it a professional appearance.
  • Wall murals: You can celebrate your team’s accomplishments or your organization’s history with wall murals throughout the clubhouse. These murals will put on full display your team’s personality and set the tone for new players. A custom mural will tell new recruits about the culture of your team and show veteran players that you’re invested in giving them the best you can offer.
  • Decals: The easiest and most affordable way to quickly take the visual appeal of your clubhouse to the next level is through the use of decals. They can be placed on lockers, floors and windows with ease and will last for a long time. On top of that, they are easy to remove if you need to update your graphics, making them a very versatile option.

Ready to Add Custom Graphics to Your Baseball Stadium?

If you want to add stunning graphics to your baseball stadium, SpeedPro is here to help. Speedpro is the only nationwide network of visual communication studios specializing in large-format graphics. With our many years of expertise, we’ll only provide graphics made with the highest quality material and the most attractive designs for your stadium.

Our high-grade products, excellent designs and knowledgeable customer service separate us from our competition. Don’t hesitate. Find and contact your local studio today. Our representative will take the time to understand your needs and find you the products that work best for you.

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