Basketball Graphics

Basketball Stadium Graphics

Outstanding Basketball Stadium Graphics

A basketball arena is a special place for both fans and players. The court takes on an almost sacred quality to anyone associated with the organization, and fans will go to great lengths to be close to it — which is why you want your arena to do your team justice.

The best teams use appealing imagery and graphics to give fans and the team the best experience possible. You can include these graphics throughout the stadium — from the exterior of the facility to the court the team plays on. Make your stadium is iconic to both your fans and your city by crafting an arena with eye-catching signs. Stunning visuals create a sense of pride from even the most casual of fans.

Benefits of Basketball Arena Graphics

Benefits of Basketball Arena Graphics

Basketball stadium graphics come with many benefits that will lead to increased fan engagement and a better experience for all. Below are some of the top reasons to consider basketball room graphics:

  • Create a team identity: Arena graphics are an excellent way to craft your team’s personality. The right graphics will say something about your organization and help fans connect with the team on a deeper level. Not only will visuals cause fans to be more connected to the team, but they’ll also help your players and coaches know you’re invested in their success and set a tone of excellence.
  • Help fans find their way: From the moment fans arrive at the stadium, you want them to be focused on supporting their team — not on how to navigate the stadium. From the parking lot to their seats, graphics can assist fans as they find their way throughout the arena. By giving fans clear directions and prominently displaying key areas — like seat or section numbers, restrooms and concession stands — you’ll help them stay focused on the game.
  • Many branding and advertising opportunities: Throughout the stadium, there will be a lot of opportunities for branded messages for both the team and advertisers. Use that ad space to increase your ad revenue by displaying sponsor messages. Additionally, you can use the space to sell your latest merchandise or ticket offerings. Utilizing graphics properly will lead to a stronger team brand and an increase in profits.

Basketball Stadium Graphics

With the popularity of basketball, the spectacle of coming to a game has only grown with teams trying to heighten their fans’ experience as soon as they arrive at the stadium. Implementing visually appealing banners, signs, graphics and images throughout the arena are all excellent ways to create unforgettable memories for those who come to watch the game.

Along with giving established fans a premium experience, you can appeal to a new audience with eye-catching graphics outside the arena. A striking exterior is the first step to making your arena an iconic part of the city.

Exterior Signage

The exterior of an arena acts like a giant advertisement for your team. As arenas will often have lots of foot traffic around them and be close to a roadway — visible to people driving by — you’ll want your exterior to generate curiosity and be a testament to the quality of your team. Successful teams around the world use various forms of signs to show off their star players, team logo and other enticing marketing materials.

Over the front of your arena’s entrance, an outdoor sign that includes the team’s name in a custom font and the team’s colors will brand the space and make it a local attraction. If you want to take this type of sign to the next level, a backlit large format sign will be highly visible through the day and the night.

While signs are often meant to be visually appealing, you can also use signs for more functional purposes. An a-frame sign can advertise your latest promotional opportunities or give information about your next game. Place it on a sidewalk to get fans excited and draw new ones in. To assist fans with disabilities, you’ll want to implement Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant signage throughout your arena. These signs will make your arena accessible to everyone.

Interior Signage

Interior Signage Basketball Stadium Graphics

In the interior of the stadium, wall murals are a creative way to celebrate your players and your organization or school as a whole. With roll-fed or flatbed printing, you can produce huge murals that catch the eyes of your fans and tell a story about the identity of your team.

In addition to wall murals, you can use smaller signs as ad space for sponsors or your merchandise or promotions on the court and throughout the stadium.

The scorer’s table at most professional and collegiate basketball games is an excellent example of signs being used for advertising by sponsors. These tables often include static or digital signs that face the court. On this table, they will include sponsor messages and their team name. These sorts of signs with sponsored messages are an excellent way to increase your ad revenue without taking away from your visual appeal.

If you want contemporary, fashionable signage, look no further than digital signs. A basketball season is going to be full of changes. Whether the team encounters wins, losses, heartbreaking injuries, advancement in the playoffs or even changes in concession offerings, a digital sign will be ready for them. With their flashy graphics and modern appearance, a digital sign will let you make inexpensive, fast updates to your marketing material as the season advances.

Keeping fans focused on the game and having a good time should be your top priority. Wayfinding or directional signage will help you accomplish that goal. The best teams utilize wayfinding signs to give directions, identify sections of the arena, designate special areas and provide needed information. These signs ensure that fans don’t have to spend a second more than necessary to find their seats or get some snacks at a concession stand.

Custom Decals

If you’re looking to add attractive accents to the rest of your graphics throughout the arena, you’ll love the ease of use and visual appeal of custom decals. These smaller graphics make for the perfect complements to your walls, floors, windows, seats and doors of the arena. You could also display decals in the corners of your backboards if possible, adding your team’s logo to add a small accent to the court.

Basketball Floor/Court Graphics

Iconic to basketball arenas everywhere, center court logos are a must-have for any basketball team. A stylish graphic in the middle of the court brands the court as your own and markets the team’s aesthetic to any fans watching or in any pictures or videos taken of the game. Along with branding your court, you can use floor graphics throughout the arena to guide fans to common locations using arrows and text.

Basketball Locker Room Graphics

Your team gets inspired, strategizes and prepares for games in the locker room. While it’s important to give fans stunning visuals, you should put the same amount of effort into your locker room to show your players and coaching staff you appreciate all that they do.

A visually appealing locker room will also help you attract new players to your team, as they can see how much you’re invested in your players. With players spending lots of time in the locker room, you want your current players to feel like they are stepping into a second home.

Wall Murals, Signs, and Decals Spruce Up Your Basketball Locker Room

One way you can spruce up your locker room is through custom graphics. Some of the best options can be found below:

  • Wall murals: Using a wall mural in your locker room is a creative way to show off your team’s personality and professionalism. A mural that includes pictures of past players or commemorates past achievements will show your team the history of your organization — and the larger picture of playing on your team. On top of connecting players to your history, a wall mural can also celebrate current players, making them feel more appreciated by your organization.
  • Signs: Signage in the locker room can help your players, members of the media, fans touring the facilities and the coaching staff find their way throughout the locker room. These signs can mark exits, showers, “players only” sections, media zones and other rooms. In addition to being functional, some signs can make an attractive addition to the locker room. For instance, players’ lockers can contain a sign that includes their name, picture and other biographical information about them. Personalizing lockers will be a player favorite.
  • Decals: Easily incorporate graphics into your locker room with affordable decals that can be placed anywhere to great effect. Popular locations for decals include lockers, floors and windows. Often, these decals will consist of a team’s logo or other team-oriented imagery. For organizations that consistently change players — like a college team — decals can be quickly switched to account for new players. You can use a decal to indicate a player’s locker and then easily remove it once they graduate or move on from the team.
  • The locker room tunnel: Though it’s easy to forget about, don’t neglect the locker room tunnel that leads to the court. Use compelling graphics and images throughout the tunnel to get players excited to take the court and represent your organization. You can use wall murals, signs and decals to inspire your team, intimidate your opposition and excite fans. While fans watch your team storm the court, make sure that they can see some of the tunnel’s graphics to reinforce your event’s brand.

Banners for Basketball

Take your arena to the next level with custom banners. Basketball team banners can serve a variety of purposes that all help to make your arena more unique, standing out to both fans and players.

At any NBA game, you’ll notice the home team’s banner the moment you arrive and many more while you make your way throughout the stadium. Like the use of NBA banners, you can hang banners from the sides of the arena, off lamp posts or above entrances. Once a fan takes their seat, they’ll see the names of legends hung from banners designed to look like their old jerseys. They’ll also see banners commemorating previous championships or team accomplishments, giving your arena a feeling of storied history.

Like the pros, a custom basketball team banner will differentiate your arena from the competition and establish a brand for your games. At SpeedPro, we know how easy it is to create a stunning banner. All you need to do is select an image — like of your star player in action — and upload it to your local SpeedPro’s website, where they’ll turn it into a striking large-format banner.

You can use banners by hanging them from the ceiling, attaching them to streetlamps, stringing them across fences and placing them in the stands. This versatility makes banners an excellent addition to any arena, and they come with so many benefits:

  • Variety: There’s almost nothing a vinyl banner can’t do. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, laminates, colors, designs and stands. With this variety, you’ll be able to craft the perfect image of your team to communicate your team’s personality. For a team that likes to play fast and has a flashy streak, a more experimental, fun banner might fit their aesthetic better, while a more traditional design would suit a slower paced, fundamentals-focused team.
  • Visibility: Basketball banners maximize the number of eyes you can get on your team. Outside the arena, large custom banners can be hung around it to build brand recall to anyone passing the exterior, fan or not. This sort of brand awareness can generate ticket purchases and make your team a household name. Inside the arena, hanging banners that commemorate past achievements places your team’s history at the forefront of fan’s minds.
  • Durability: In order to draw fans to your arena, you’ll want your banners to look like you just installed them — no matter how old they are. Speedpro only recommends banners that are made with the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials. The base of the vinyl is fabricated to protect the banner against wear and tear. Additionally, banners can use a laminated finish to guard against the outdoors, water and fading.
  • Consistent branding: The best teams know to keep their brand consistent from their team’s jerseys to the banners they hang outside the arena. For instance, your team’s logo and jerseys are going to be branded with the team’s signature colors — like the Lakers’ iconic purple and gold. You’ll want to keep those colors consistent on your banner, down to the finest detail. With color-matching technology, your banners will mirror the tone and shade of your team’s colors, keeping your brand consistent.

Ready to Take Your Basketball Stadium to the Next Level?

Stunning graphics are vital to making your stadium a must-see destination in your city. Speedpro is the only nationwide network of visual communication studios specializing in large-format graphics. With our expertise, we know how to craft stunning graphics for your organization.

Choosing us means you’ll receive our trademark designs, first-rate customer service and excellent products. Find and contact your local studio today. We’ll be excited to help you find the perfect graphics.

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