Examples of How Directional Signage Can Be Used by Industry

Examples of How Directional Signage Can Be Used by Industry

SEPTEMBER 7, 2021| SpeedPro


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Directional or wayfinding signage are signs that guide people around your business. They can direct people through an area, label specific rooms and locations or provide instructions. Wayfinding signs help customers feel calm and comfortable while visiting a new location.

Directional signage is beneficial for any industry and does more than provide information. Wayfinding signs can support your business in other ways, such as:

  • Strengthening your brand’s identity.
  • Supporting a positive experience for customers.
  • Boosting your reputation.
  • Freeing up employees for other tasks.
  • Letting people know about your brand.

Directional signs can be customized to support any business with a physical location. Each industry will require a different style and combination of wayfinding signs. The location and purpose of the business will determine the most effective directional signage. Use these examples of wayfinding in common industries to inspire your own directional signage.

Directional Signage Examples

Directional signs are necessary for many industries. Businesses depend on signage to ensure that their visitors have the best experience possible.

Wayfinding signage comes in many forms, from temporary signs and banners to floor decals and wall murals. There are indoor and outdoor options to help people navigate your entire property.

The best wayfinding signs blend function and design to assist customers while also reinforcing the brand’s reputation and identity.

Learn some of the most effective directional displays for the following industries:

1. Offices

It is essential to have directional signage in any office that has multiple rooms or welcomes visitors regularly. No matter the size, businesses large and small can benefit from installing directional indoor signage to label departments, conference rooms, elevators and stairways, restrooms, lunchrooms and specific offices. If your office has several entrances or parking lots, you can label them with outdoor wayfinding signage.

Office directional signage can be extremely functional and visually appealing at the same time. Customized signs and graphics can elevate the aesthetic of your space, so your office reflects the professionalism of the business.

2. Restaurants

Restaurant directional signage is essential for helping diners find their way to the restroom or the nearest exit. But restaurants can use wayfinding signs in other creative ways.

Bright neon signs will attract customers and let them know if the restaurant is open or closed. Restaurants can place an A-frame sign inside the door to direct people to seat themselves or explain how to order from their to-go menu. They can also hang illuminated signs from the wall or ceiling directing customers to the bar or the checkout counter.

Customized directional signage can accent the restaurant’s unique style, so it stands out from the competition. Creating effective wayfinding graphics will reinforce your branding while ensuring that customers have the best possible experience.

Medical Facilities

3. Medical Facilities

Medical facilities can be massive, with several floors and hallways filled with rooms for many different purposes. Finding your way in a hospital can be stressful, especially in an emergency.

Numbering the rooms and placing labels on specific medical offices will help guests direct themselves to their destination. Customized wall murals and graphic floor decals can help distinguish a labyrinth of corridors to reassure guests that they are in the correct area.

In the waiting room, a large graphic poster can provide directions on how to check in properly. Hospitals have new visitors daily, and directional signage can help newcomers understand the process.

Medical directional signage can help patients and visitors navigate with ease, so their experience in the hospital is as pleasant as possible.

4. Schools

From preschools to college campuses, directional signage is essential for helping students and visitors find classrooms, cafeterias and other locations. Young children are still getting to know their school, and they can become lost in an unfamiliar building. Some children may still be learning how to read and recognize numbers. Schools can utilize custom animal graphics or color-coded labels to help students remember where to go.

Colleges and universities are more complex, with an entire campus to navigate. Campuses are made up of many different buildings for learning, dining and living. Directional signage for colleges is equally important inside buildings as it is across the walkways, parking lots and entrances across campus.

New students, guest speakers and touring visitors will rely on wayfinding signs to help them find their destination. Many universities use flags to direct guests to a particular area. They often place large maps around campus and label each building with dimensional signage. In addition to helping people find their way around campus, colleges can also use directional signage to inform students of important rules and policies.

Colleges can customize their signage to emphasize their branding and keep a cohesive look that accentuates the school’s core values.

5. Theme Parks

Theme parks provide hours of fun, often covering hundreds or even thousands of acres of land with amusing rides and games. Customers rely on maps and wayfinding signs to locate their favorite rides. The proper theme park directional signage is essential for guests to make the most of their visit.

An interactive digital map can help visitors locate a specific destination and the fastest route to get there. When they reach a popular ride, they may notice a long line near the entrance. Theme parks can place signs along the way to let people know their estimated wait time. Setting expectations will help prevent riders from becoming frustrated and build suspense as they get closer to the ride.

There is a lot of information to convey to guests at an amusement park. Although reading directions and safety protocol is not as exciting as riding a roller coaster, directional signage can be whimsical and informative. Design custom wayfinding signs with the magic of the theme park in mind to provide necessary information while promoting an immersive experience.

Contact SpeedPro for effective directional signage

Effective Directional Signage by SpeedPro

Directional signage enhances your space by welcoming your guests and helping them feel comfortable in a new environment. Wayfinding signs help people navigate their surroundings to improve their experience and leave a positive impression in their minds. At SpeedPro, you can work with a team of graphic designers to create directional signage for your business.

We provide the highest quality products to fill your space with banners, posters, labels and even digital displays. SpeedPro offers a full range of wayfinding signage that you can customize to match your unique branding.

Our visual communication experts can help you choose the ideal signs for any business in any industry. Find your local SpeedPro studio to set up a consultation today!

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