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APRIL 20, 2017| SpeedPro


The expression goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  No matter if you’re on Madison Avenue or Main Street U.S.A., the opinion holds true wherever you are…and SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, is committed to helping business owners make first impressions count.

Right or wrong, most people will judge a book by its cover.  The outdoor signage promoting any business is often any business owner’s only chance to make a strong first impression on potential customers.   And spring-time, when home owners and business owners nationwide get serious about spring cleaning, a great time for any business to partner with SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, to update, overhaul, or create vibrant and compelling outdoor signage complete with the WOW factor you want to convey.

Don’t take it from us – countless national business organizations agree few things are more important to a store’s marketability than visible outdoor graphics.  Research has consistently shown that Out-Of-Home ads significantly lowers the cost of advertisements compared to TV, online and other mediums. Consider this from the Small Business Administration:

“During a two-year study, 165 independent small businesses surveyed between 15 and 30 of their first-time customers or clients to determine what prompted their first visit. In all, 2,475 new customers were surveyed. When asked the question, “How did you learn about us?” Fifty percent responded that the company’s sign was their first exposure to the business. Hence, a business’s sign can be estimated to generate between 15 percent and 45 percent of a small firm’s revenue.”

similar SBA report indicates that outdoor signage:

  • Develops a memory for a location and the products or services available at the location
  • Reinforces a memory and extends recall of other advertising efforts
  • Attracts new customers by prompting first-time or impulse visits or purchases
  • Modifies customary purchase decisions or habits

Further, spring encourages freshness. The flowers are blooming and we can all look to the sky and not be concerned about treacherous weather. People want to be outdoors, not in seclusion. They’re driving more, which equates to more opportunities for you to grab their attention. This study from Arbitron discovered 40% of those who viewed a large format advertisement in the past month visited a store or restaurant they saw. Furthermore, 26% of those visitors did so immediately after seeing the advertisement.

The signs of warmer weather are everywhere. Let SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor graphics, assist you in your spring cleaning. We have a wide-variety of high-quality outdoor signage products designed to emphasize your business’ brand recognition and deliver your value proposition in a memorable and influential fashion. We offer big, bold customizable solutions, including flagsbannersfloor and street graphics and much more!

Here are a few examples of industries/businesses that are a perfect fit to take advantage of what SpeedPro offers as the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage this spring.

Auto Dealerships: Now is the time people are hitting the road for spring and summer trips. April is National Car Care month. Families are ensuring their vehicles are ready for the road. Our custom signage for car lots and showrooms will help drive customers to your car lot and service shop as the travel season shifts into high gear.

Hotels: Nothing says spring is in session more than an excursion to the beach. Folks are packing up and setting up camp at hotels and resorts across the country. SpeedPro custom hotel signs cater to the hospitality industry’s stringent standards. The vivid outdoor graphics will welcome your patrons to their home away from home.

 Trade Shows: Tis the season for various industry oriented trade shows. Our high-functioning, multi-purpose graphics will generate more attendees and a wildly successful show. Partner with us to create custom event graphics to fit any venue.

Restaurants & Bars: This season is the reason why you invested in that outdoor patio. We have an endless buffet of graphic options for your establishment, both outdoors and indoors.  In addition to our outdoor signage solutions built to attract more customers, we also offer in-house solutions, such as table coverings, that will surely help you differentiate your restaurant from others.

Local Races:  Now is the time people are participating in 5k’s, marathons, and various endurance contests. Before the starting pistol is fired, SpeedPro’s big bold sporting event graphics will have runners stop in their tracks to soak in the atmosphere. Our specialists will make the start/finish line pop. And our unique directional signs will deliver your organization’s message while keeping participants headed toward the finish line.

It sounds cliché, but Spring truly is a time to go “all-in” with an “in with the new, out with the old” mentality if you’re looking to make valuable first impressions that turn passersby in long-term, loyal customers.   And as the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, we’re excited to help you at SpeedPro.

Ready to get started?   Visit our locations page and type in your zip code to find the SpeedPro franchise owner closest to your business!

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