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(Centennial, CO – May 17, 2018) – SpeedPro, the nation’s leading large-format franchise, was featured by several prominent national publications as the premier thought leader on experiential graphics.

The phenomenon that is experiential graphics (or, environmental graphics) is sweeping across America, and SpeedPro is leading the charge. Experiential graphic design incorporates traditional, technological and form graphics with the surrounding environment to convey a message or enhance an experience.

Q1 2018’s “Experiential Graphics” PR campaign provided local studio owners across the country an opportunity to highlight their work in a wide variety of settings. Each SpeedPro studio owner shared the high return on investment and “wow” factor enjoyed by their clients.

 profiled three SpeedPro studio owners for their works with experiential graphics. SpeedPro Chicago studio owner Shira Kollins’ The Simpsons inspired graphic was recognized in the article “The Funny Thing About Experiential Graphics.” When a Chicago bar owner made the decision to temporarily replicate Moe’s Tavern from the animated television series, Kollins made his vision a reality. “We specialize in [projects] that aren’t normal,” Kollins said. “However, transforming people’s workspaces with experiential graphics is one of my favorites.”

SpeedPro Marin studio owner Steve Moran-Cassese was featured in Sign Builder Illustrated’s   “Into the Woods with Environmental Branding” article. Moran-Cassese assisted in the massive rebranding of Hewlett Packard’s Worldwide Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Moran-Cassese, a long-time proponent of experiential graphics, says it’s the fastest-growing sector in wide format.

“Not only can you pick the image that you want, but you can pick the surface look that you want it to appear on,” says Moran-Cassese. “You can pick a huge glass atrium – it doesn’t matter how big or how wide. We are seeing an increasing interest in environmental graphics among architectural design firms, which is pretty exciting.”

Transforming a bland and lackluster dealership showroom into a vibrant, Polynesian beach-themed landscape resulted in two major profiles for Mark Simmons, studio owner of SpeedPro Apex. Simmons was featured in Sign Builder Illustrated’s article “Environmental Graphics: Just Like Paradise” and Sign & Digital Graphics “Featured Project: Bringing the South Pacific to Carolina.” Simmons came up with the idea, the company trusted his branding vision and the rest is history. Morale among employees, who now don Hawaiian t-shirts, is up. And so are car sales, by a tune of 30 percent. “They now have beach music playing inside the dealership, which they didn’t have before,” says Simmons. “And they have these nice, colorful graphics to put employees – and customers – in a better mood.”

There’s no indication that SpeedPro’s wave of momentum showcasing the power of experiential graphics will slow any time soon. As the second quarter continues, SpeedPro’s knowledge and expertise will be on display in several additional publications. That includes:

  • PS Magazine
  • Commercial Architecture Magazine
  • What They Think
  • Sign and Digital Graphics

SpeedPro CEO Larry Oberly is thrilled to see these studio owners receive the national recognition they have worked hard to deserve. Oberly says he’s proud of their amazing work and says its representative of the capabilities all SpeedPro franchisees possess.

“There’s a passion to provide the best service burning inside all SpeedPro studio owners across the country,” says Oberly. “Local studio owners take pride in every opportunity presented to them and the results tend to attract newfound attention for their clients – and in some cases, the studio owners themselves. Our system is set up to be at the forefront of industry trends and that is certainly the case when it comes to experiential graphics. Everyone at SpeedPro is working hard to position ourselves as the trendsetter and I’m glad we’re being recognized as such.”

As the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise, SpeedPro can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients. Each of these new owners is proud to offer a full range of large-format printing services, including:

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