Why Digital Signage is Vital for a Business Reopening During COVID-19

Why Digital Signage Is Vital for a Business Reopening During COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020| SpeedPro



According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 23% of small businesses had to close temporarily at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, but more and more of these businesses are reopening their doors. However, reopening doesn’t always mean back to business as usual. Companies need signage to help their employees and customers follow new requirements and guidelines. Digital displays from SpeedPro are a great option for coronavirus signage because they are versatile, adaptable and eye-catching.

Advantages of Digital Signage

You can create many types of displays to update your employees or customers on COVID-19 requirements and tips. Digital signs have some unique advantages over other types, though.

1. They’re Easy to Update Regularly

A unique advantage of digital signs over printed signs is that you can update them quickly, even in real time. This is always a helpful advantage, but it’s especially valuable when it comes to coronavirus signage. Since local ordinances and health threats are continually evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with changes in your signage — unless you have digital signage you can update whenever these changes occur.

For example, if your city implements a mask mandate in all public spaces, you can quickly change your sign recommending masks or noting they are optional to a sign that refers to the mandate and lets people know masks are now required. You could also add messages to your digital signage that informs people of new services as you add them, such as curbside pickup or a special shopping hour for vulnerable populations.

2. They Feel Timely to Onlookers

Because you can update digital signs, they tend to have a more timely feel to people who see them. For example, digital signs on the highway attract the eyes of drivers who want to know what important message those signs are there to share. People are likely to view your digital signage with the same sense of urgency and interest.

Whether you position your digital signage by the road, near your storefront or inside your business, you can get people’s attention. This includes those who have passed by the same sign regularly since the sign could be displaying new information since they saw it yesterday. If the message is the same, looking at the sign again will help to reinforce that message.

3. They’re Bright and Eye-Catching

Digital signs come in various forms, but they all involve backlit digital screens. This means that digital signage is always bright and eye-catching, especially if it is designed well. Well-designed traditional signage can be eye-catching, as well, and you can backlight it if you want, but this feature always comes with digital signage. This is especially helpful if you want messages to be easily visible outdoors in the dark.

Digital signage is always bright and eye-catching

If you want to get the public’s attention effectively, consider implementing a combination of both digital signage and eye-catching displays like banners, flags or other traditional signage material. Position your digital signs in places with high visibility to maximize their impact.

4. They Can Display Scrolling or Changing Messages

With digital signage, you can use one sign to share a variety of messages. Some important messages should be on permanent display. However, when it comes to more supplemental messages — like safety reminders and tips or reassuring words from your management — you can share these different messages for a few seconds at a time, like a slideshow.

You can also display a single message but turn it into a more dynamic display by making the message scroll across the screen continuously. This can also allow you to include more text in your message than you could fit on the screen at once.

5. They’re a Cost-Effective Signage Option

Because you can update the messages on digital signs, you often save money by using digital signage rather than continuously printing new signs. You can also continue to use digital signage even once the need for coronavirus-related signage becomes obsolete. The versatility of digital signage makes it a good investment for nearly any business.

You can also implement other forms of cost-effective signage, like temporary A-frame signs, retractable banner stands or foamcore signs, throughout your facility to help you disseminate important information.

How to Use Digital Signage During COVID-19

Digital COVID-19 signage has many valuable purposes. As you reopen your business, you may want to use digital signs to display:

  • New service hours: Many companies have adjusted their hours to account for changes in demand or limited staff. If you expect your new hours will be in place long-term, you may want to create a window decal or another sign to remain on your storefront. Digital signage is a great option if your hours frequently change, or if you’re not sure how long your current hours will be in place.
  • Mask mandates or recommendations: If you require employees or customers to wear masks, whether it’s in line with a local ordinance or a company policy, you need a sign to get people’s attention before or just as they come through the door. If you have some masks available for those who need one, you can note that, as well, on your sign. Digital signage is a great option to let people know they cannot enter without a mask.
  • Capacity limits: Some stores have limited their capacity to help with physical distancing and are using people-counting devices or employees to keep track of the number of people inside. Keeping track of this number is how they know whether there is room for more customers to enter or whether they are at maximum capacity until someone leaves. Digital signage is an excellent option in these instances since you can update it live to let people know the current capacity status.
  • New pickup or delivery options: If you’re offering new services like curbside pickup, in-store pickup or delivery, why not create some eye-catching digital signage to advertise these new services? You may pull in some new customers or get your existing customers to come back if they know you offer these safe alternatives for anyone who prefers not to come inside to shop or dine. You can also create vehicle wraps or decals for your delivery vehicles to help you advertise.
  • Directional signage: Directional signage can help facilitate physical distancing and provide people with essential directions. For example, use digital signs to direct people to use a certain door for entering or exiting or to remind them to stand 6 feet apart while waiting in line to check out. You can also use these signs to send people to a temperature check line or direct traffic at a COVID-19 testing site.
  • Safety reminders: You may also want to use digital signage to share multiple messages reminding customers or employees of the best ways to stay safe. For instance, you can encourage people to stay home if they feel ill, to cough into their arms, and to distance from others as much as possible. You can also share reassuring messages and encouragement to help build a positive relationship with your brand.

Digital Signage Services From SpeedPro

SpeedPro can help you create digital signage that communicates effectively with your audience. Our team will discuss your goals for your signage and find ways to feature your branding to ensure your signage is fully customized. Find a SpeedPro studio near you to get started creating digital signage that will help you reopen your business effectively.

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