Chicago, Illinois

Wide-Format Printing in Chicago, IL

Operating in the Chicago metro area can feel like a daunting task at times. At nearly 10 million people, Chicago has the third largest population in the country behind only New York and Los Angeles, respectively. It has the most robust economy in the midwest, as it relies on a massive array of industries and businesses to maintain its status.

Competing for attention in the Windy City blows tons of companies away if they don’t have a forward-thinking visual communications strategy. A respectable, high-quality printing partner is a necessity, and you’ll find out why when you engage with a local SpeedPro studio.

What Services Does SpeedPro Offer in Chicago, IL?

A cultural epicenter that has few equals in the country, Chicago brims with passion and creativity. You’ll need to harness some of that energy when you’re crafting your business’s graphics and other marketing efforts, and SpeedPro offers the services to communicate your ideas and bring them to life.

From outdoors to indoors to everything in between, you’ll find that our studios can accommodate requests from retail stores, large corporations, law firms, medical centers, educational institutions and many other industries. Our most popular products and services include:

  • Vehicle wraps: The impact of vehicle wraps throughout Chicago can be tremendous if you design them the right way. Research has shown that these marketing tools generate a lot of impressions and inspire more action on behalf of the consumer than other platforms like TV and radio commercials. With so many people and major interstates located nearby, having a wrap can allow you to continually advertise with little-to-no added cost. You’ll even be able to customize your wrap’s imagery as well as its colors and other information.
  • Trade show displays: Chi-Town’s megacity profile makes it a popular destination for significant events like trade shows, conferences, festivals and more. Whether you’re attending Lollapalooza or the National Restaurant Association Show, SpeedPro will work to understand your specifications and create the best possible set of graphics and accessories. We offer banners, flags, tents, table toppers and more.
  • Wall murals: You can place a mural indoors or outdoors, and it can tell whatever story you choose. Adorn your restaurant with an artistic piece that blends into your ambiance, or use the mural as an opportunity to tell your company’s history. From the imagery to the material, you’ll have the control.
  • Assorted surface graphics: You need to approach visual communications from various angles to maximize their effectiveness, and that effectiveness can take multiple forms. Use window graphics to enhance your storefront display and draw foot traffic off the street. Decorate your new office space with various environmental graphics, like acrylic patterns, to improve your atmosphere. Overall, you can use wall coverings and floor graphics to get your desired point across.

Why Choose SpeedPro?

Chicago is a major-league city with major-league businesses. You don’t belong in the minors, and SpeedPro will help to advance you through the farm system and get you underneath the bright lights. As a nationwide franchise, we supply our local studios with the means to produce excellent graphics.

That said, ownership and operation are entirely local. Following a general framework, employees use their insights and skills to tackle any request you make. We’re your one-stop studio, and we’ll stick with you from start to finish.

Find Your Local Studio for Large-Format Printing in Chicago, IL

Make Chicago your kind of town with graphics from SpeedPro. To find the closest location, use our website’s Find a Studio tool. Contact the studio to arrange a free consultation, and we’ll begin work on your project.