10 uses for floor decals

10 Uses For Floor Decals

AUGUST 31, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


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Floor decals have never had as much of an impact as they do today. With the need for direction and social distancing, floor decals have been moved to the forefront of printing.

Aside from being used for every day practical reasons, they can also be used for advertising. Since floor decals are so different from your standard in your face advertising, it helps them stand out more. By being the underdog of graphics, it makes them more noticeable. If you’re unsure how to use custom floor decals for your business, here are 10 uses for floor decals.


Whether placing them on concrete, industrial carpet, or another type of flooring, the options of what you can do with them are limitless.


This is by far the most common floor decal option that we’re seeing today with COVID-19 having such an impact on the need for social distancing. Whether it’s footprints on the floor to show people where to stand or markers reminding people to keep a distance, these will both be super effective.

Thinking outside of what we’re seeing today, on public transportation we’ll often see floor decals informing people where to stand with caution to avoid tracks or doors closing on them.

social distance markers


The need for extra direction today is huge. With personal interaction dwindling, the need for visuals is at an all-time high for people to be able to navigate through spaces on their own. This can include restaurants, grocery stores, malls, etc. Each of these people will, for the most part, have concrete flooring and therefore floor decals can be easily applied. By putting arrows and other directional graphics on the floor it can help visitors find their way through space. If you want to direct the flow of traffic to keep it going one way, simply align the aisle with markers facing in one direction.

For larger buildings like malls and department stores, floor decals can serve as reference points to let people know where they’re going when they reach a major intersection. These can also work as advertisements as well.


If you’re able to place floor decals outside of your storefront, this can really help to increase your visibility. You may be located in a space that is hard to find and need to provide a little extra direction. Concrete decals will work perfectly for this as you can line the pathway leading to your door starting from farther away.

Even if your storefront is easy to find, you can get creative with these directional floor decals outside by incorporating your branding into them. For example, if you’re a grooming salon, you could use paw print graphics leading to the front. Or, maybe you’re a boutique retail store and instead, you could print your logo leading the way.


When it comes to decor, floor stickers can be the perfect creative touch. Whether it’s a geometric pattern covering your floor or a festive graphic that ties in with your branding. They both help to stand out and add a little extra to your space. If you want to really have fun with this, consider 3-dimensional graphics, for example, an image where it looks like you’ll fall through the floor if you walk over the graphic. This will definitely capture attention and be memorable. Another fun way to add to design is at an event. A wedding, for example, you can place the bride and groom’s new last name initial on the dance floor to brighten it up.


This is where your marketing will come into play and you can expand on your branding. Keep it basic by letting your visitors know your store hours or information. Or, make it fun by telling them a fun fact about your company and tell a story through your floor graphics. If you’ve won any awards or have big news, this is also a great way to show that off.


There may be construction happening in your area and as people are walking by, floor decals that announce “We’re Open” could help to capture their attention. You may want to be cautious while doing this, however, because people could think you’re open during non-business hours.


Advertising is key in your business so why spend hundreds on billboards when you can utilize your own space? Transform the ground into an advertising space where you can promote upcoming sales or events. This is especially helpful if you’re a smaller business that maybe can’t afford full window graphics for promotions. These temporary floor decals will be perfect in getting visual attention and a more affordable solution. If you have the capacity, don’t limit yourself to just inside of your store. Try placing floor graphics on the outside of your business leading to the door as well as along the pathway and down a few blocks so that people in both directions can see you.


The same way that people need directional graphics to lead them the right way, sometimes people may also need gentle nudges and reminders. For example, if someone is standing in line at the grocery store, a floor decal could remind them to stand 6 feet apart from the person ahead. Or, if you want to take it a step further you could incorporate parts of your ad to see if they forgot anything. Floor decals could also remind people where to check-in at a hotel or gym or remind them to not leave their items unattended.


When students head back to in-school learning, make a great big impact. Custom floor decals are the perfect way to get students into the school spirit. With bright and colorful images, you can give them a big welcome back message with their school mascot. Recognize your school’s accomplishments through sports and scholastics with images to represent awards that you’ve won.


For businesses that need to mark specific parking spaces or pick up areas, concrete decals are perfect for this. Also, if you have specific rooms designated for particular people or meetings, floor decals can be a fun differentiator from a nameplate on the door.


When planning to place decals on concrete, you’ll want the best looking and most durable material that can weather heavy foot traffic. Whether short-term or semi-permanent installation, we have product options for both. All of these options are easy to install and if you can’t do it alone, we have installers that can help.

Custom floor decals will add the perfect finish to your business every time. SpeedPro East Bay can help you create a concept that matches your needs from design to installation. If you’re ready to learn more or get started on your project today, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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