Wall Murals

Wall Murals


Add some nice decorative touches to your business or residential walls with wall coverings and murals. These tools help transform a workplace and can help owners convey a positive ambiance for their employees and guests.  Our experience in wall mural printing and installations ensures that your needs will not only be met but exceeded.

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Wall murals are a great way to get people’s attention upon entering your workplace. The high-quality imagery will be sure to set the mood for employees. Wall murals and coverings range from size and design depending on what you envision. Our graphics remain bold for years and the material is PVC FREE which benefits you! It’s environmentally friendly and recyclable so it’s perfect for any interior.

If you order a wall mural with SpeedPro East Bay, we are here to work whenever it is convenient for you. Our installers will work during non-business hours so there is no distraction to your employees or the people who visit. However, if that doesn’t work for your schedule, our installers can come while your business is open. If you’re worried about the smell, our latex printers are LEED-certified and hypoallergenic so you have nothing to worry about.


We make sure the products we produce are durable and withstand the test of time. With wall murals, we laminate them to give them an extra layer of protection. This is important for areas, where there is a lot of foot traffic, and people run the risk of scratching the wall mural. Unlike paint, if our murals get a scratch it’s not noticeable. Not only are they durable, but they are also easy to clean. Simply take a damp cloth and gently rub over the graphic to remove any dirt. If you want to remove the mural, we can do it and there will be no damage to the paint beneath it.


The industries we have worked with range from government services, medical practice facilities, restaurants and more. With all the experience we have gained from each client and their many different business needs, we pride ourselves on being able to print and complete any job that comes our way.

Wall murals can vary on every front depending on what needs you may have and we understand that every project is different. With that being said, we do our best to work together and let you know if we think a job will or will not work. We think it’s important to make suggestions to clients who may have ideas or visions about a space.


For more temporary wall art, we do offer custom-cut decals. Decals are great for business areas where there is a need to only cover a smaller amount of space rather than a whole wall. These work just the same as a wall mural and can be applied to just about any surface.

Looking for a more high-class wall covering, choose canvas art. Canvas art is a great way to replicate imagery and will be competition to any visual content. We can make canvas art prints in a variety of different styles such as matte and satin finishes.

We know every business has A different space to work with and that is why we do our best to enlighten each customer with the different solutions we can provide them with. Our turnover time is fast so that you can get this work done quickly and move onto your next project.

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Over here at SpeedPro East Bay, we do our best to work closely with your team to deliver the results you have imagined for your office space. We have over 20 combined years of experience to help ensure that you are getting the necessary information needed to make an informed decision for your business.  Call us for a free consultation today at 510.974.7369.



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