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You go to a dealership with an idea of what you’re looking for and rely on the salesperson to help guide you in the right direction. Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality in the same way. Auto dealerships are a tool users can depend on when embarking on the dreaded car search process. Make things easier for your guests with easy to read and follow signage. Let them know why your dealership is the right choice for them in finding the perfect set of wheels to take them from place to place.


With custom signage to help your client make an easy decision, car buying will be a breeze. Allowing their focus to be on the important issues rather than finding out where to go, new customers will have more time for their car-buying decisions. This type of signage is important for your car lot to those who have never been. This can be as simple as outdoor flags that line the lot letting people know they’re in the right place, to simple wayfinding signs locating the bathrooms and exits.

If you want to kick your signage into overdrive, window graphics for the building are a nice approach. You can use this for seasonal promotions or as year-round branding opportunities with logos and services. Does your car dealership also offer maintenance services? If so, maybe you have a shuttle that takes customers back and forth throughout the day as they wait for their vehicle. Don’t drive around in an unbranded car, instead, let us wrap it! From partial wraps to full wraps, our commercial vehicle wraps are high quality and spread your message on the road. Big, bold, graphics are eye-catching and can entice people to visit your lot over others.


When you work with SpeedPro East Bay, now you have one more thing to offer. Custom color change wraps as well as commercial vehicle wraps are part of our capabilities. Don’t just limit this idea to your business, share this with your customers. If someone buys a transit commercial vehicle, be their hero and recommend SpeedPro East Bay to wrap it to help them get their business up and running quicker. When you work with us, we’re a team. Car buying can be a stressful decision, but choosing to work with SpeedPro East Bay is not. If you’re ready to get started give us a call at 510.974.7369 or schedule a consultation today.

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