Highland Hospital Interior Wall Murals

SpeedPro East Bay got in the doors with Highland Hospital through an introduction by Wendy Jung, a graphic designer and long time client of ours. We’ve had an ongoing existing relationship with Wendy printing elevator signs and retractable banners for her hospital clients over the years. However, this hospital in particular had a bigger idea for some visual solutions they were looking into. That’s when Wendy turned to the experts at SpeedPro East Bay for some inspiration with these wall murals Highland Hospital

Overall, the goal of this project was to capture Highland Hospital’s rich history. Since they’ve remodeled and have made some big changes they didn’t want to lose the historical value. The highlighted historic components consisted of the nurses and nursing school that was once there, the gardens and landscapes, and the old Spanish architecture. SpeedPro East Bay consulted with Wendy to discuss the possibilities which originally started with two 30 foot wall murals with pole banners, acrylic prints, and aluminum prints. The end result took out some of these pieces but looked more amazing than we had predicted.

A particular challenge with this project was translating antique photographs that were very low resolution into large scale wall murals. For this portion we partnered with a high-quality local scanner that can scan at 24000 dpi. These pictures were then scaled up about 80 times and crystal clear. After about 5 months in the design and proofing process, this is what the result was…

Wall 1:

The first wall consisted of a 31 foot wide by 9 foot high wall mural which used a PVC free wall material (3M IJ48) with a matte laminate. Laminates are not required for every wall mural project, however this particular wall wrap needed one because they were going in such a high traffic area. This corridor connects to the emergency room so hospital beds and cards are constantly moving quickly through. This would leave the wall mural more prone to knicks, dings, and scratches.

This wall also included 12 acrylic prints with a 3-step process which gave it dimension. The large orange acrylic with all of the text was printed reverse on a clear material (3M IJ40) and then laminated with Orafol 3640. This graphic was then wet mounted to the back of the acrylic where it would show through the face of the acrylic.

This leaves the 11 acrylic prints with green backgrounds. These used the same printing process. The base acrylic was printed on IJ40 to give it a nice soft green background color. Then the images were printed reverse on clear and laminated with 3640 so that the historical photos could show through. These image acrylics were then mounted to the green acrylic to create a dimensional look. Finally, we applied black adhesive vinyl which displayed the captions of what the pictures portrayed. These layered acrylics were then mounted to the wall using metal standoffs.

The finishing touch on this wall which makes it stand out so beautifully, is the artifact case. This includes the actual terra cotta taken from the original building facade.

Highland hospital wall mural oakland 6

Wall 2:

Wall 2 had a very similar process as the first one. However, it included a lot more acrylic pieces bringing the total to 20. This wall mural was 31.5 feet wide by 9 feet high and split into two sections. Its focus was on two separate but important parts of hospitals history. The left side of the wall is in dedication to the nurses of Highland Hospital. This concept was very close to Wendy’s heart because it was an integral part of the hospital’s history, however it almost didn’t make the cut. After many revisions and some persuading, the hospital came to the realization that it is essential to include this after all. This portion included 7 of the 20 layered acrylic pieces.

The other half of the wall focused on the landscapes. These restorative landscapes are seen to be natural healers of patients over the years and since this corridor overlooks some of the gardens, it makes sense to include this to part of the historical timeline. This side included the remaining 13 of the 20 acrylic pieces.

Highland hospital wall mural oakland 5

From concept to creation, Jung Design and SpeedPro East Bay remained partners and collaborators throughout the entire process. We were resources for one another to exceed the clients’ needs. The project moved slowly in the beginning because the ideas from the client had evolved day by day. However ,we stayed in constant contact with Wendy Jung to stay on top of timing, samples, and scheduling. The final installation took only 5 hours and the result is two beautiful historical wall murals at Highland Hospital.

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