UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital of Oakland

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital of Oakland Wall Mural Project


UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital of Oakland is the East Bay’s largest pediatric care center.  They recently opened a new and expanded outpatient center built just for kids and their families.  The interior design included 80 wall murals designed by the kids to be installed in >70 rooms on 4 different floors.  As with many building projects, timelines had slipped and by the time they contacted SpeedPro in San Francisco’s East Bay to print and install the murals,  we had less than three weeks to get the job done before the Grand Opening.  Here’s how we made it all happen.


Within one week we learned all of the client’s objectives, conducted a site survey, went over all material options and scheduled our best installation teams.  Conducting a site survey was important for this job as we needed to determine what hardware and medical equipment needed to be removed from the walls prior to the installation.  Some rooms had hardware that we could work around whereas others required removal. Any issues or questions would be answered during this process so we didn’t run into any unforeseen obstacles that could hinder meeting our deadline.

Our next step in this process was understanding what type of materials they wanted to use for this.  We have a number of wall mural materials with varying textures that are aesthetically different, so understanding the look they were trying to achieve was essential.  We invited the project manager to come into our studio and take a look at all of our materials so they could get a better visual understanding and idea of what their vision would like when it comes to life.

Another key component of this project when looking into the materials used was the use of PVC free materials.  Since this installation was taking place in a children’s hospital, the materials needed to be safe. PVC materials can cause severe health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and reproductive and immune system damage.  Our PVC free materials don’t have harmful toxins, they’re flame retardant and mold resistant, and they’re great for healthcare facilities and schools. So, when deciding what we needed to use to make this successful was a no-brainer.

Upon receiving the finalized artwork, which was all originally created by children, printing production ran around the clock to stay ahead of the installers on site.  When we would complete enough panels for several rooms, we would head over to UCSF Benioff in Oakland and hand deliver to our install teams on site. This process repeated over the 3-day timeframe so they could continue having items to install without any wasted time.

Our installation team included 2 crews of highly experienced and professional installers who worked non stop to ensure that we would meet our clients’ timeline.  Typically booked many weeks in advance, they cleared their schedules for this particular project to lend many helpful hands.

The finished result was 73 wall installed in 3 days in time for their Grand Opening.  This project required all hands on deck and the finished result is stunning.


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