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Graphic <span>Design</span>

Do you have a great idea in mind but aren’t sure how to make it come to life? Well, SpeedPro East Bay can help. We specialize in printing but we do also offer graphic design services for our clients. Oftentimes, customers may want a vehicle wrap or a custom wall mural but they’re not sure where to start. Maybe they don’t even have a logo and are really starting from the ground floor. If that’s the case, our expert designers can help with graphic design services from simple designs to more complex ones.

Our broad network is filled with highly qualified and very talented graphic designers at all levels of skill sets to help you with your project no matter what phase you’re in. We’ll take the time to sit down with you and truly listen to understand what you want to achieve. We’ll also offer you feedback to assist with your project and make sure you’re on the track with visibility and properly conveying your message. Here are a few of the most popular graphic design services that we offer and can be helpful to you.


What is an artistic design? Artistic design is a form of graphic design that is visually communicating a message but in a more creative way. This is more than just simply slapping a logo on the side of a building with some text about your services. This is more geared towards vehicle wraps, like food trucks, and wall murals which require a little more creativity in the design. Commercial vehicle wraps where you want to make an impact and turn heads will require a bit more artistic value. We’ll use bolder colors and images to make it stand out. Offices or commercial spaces that require a little sprucing up with a wall mural will use colorful designs and bold graphics.

The consultation for this type of graphic design will be essential in getting a good understanding of what your ideas are before the design process begins. After the consultation, we’ll be able to put together at least two mock-ups for you to narrow down your vision and see which graphic most closely resembles your vision. Then, we’ll allow for a few revisions to tweak it and put the final touches together.


At SpeedPro East Bay, we are closely connected with a variety of Bay Area photographers. This gives us more flexibility with landscape images and really cool immersive experience type graphics. It also allows you to have access to one of a kind beautiful original images that will be available just for you. This type of design is perfect for wall mural projects with a stunning image of the Golden Gate Bridge or an inspiring image of the San Francisco skyline. If you still don’t see what you’re looking for in our photo library, we also have hundreds of stock images available at our fingertips that can help us in the right direction.


Logo design is a little bit more intricate but very important to any business. Are you a new business or are looking to re-brand and want a new logo? Maybe you’ve been in business for many years and just to want to make your logo more modern. If so, our logo designers can help with this process. Our team is committed to conveying your brand in the best way and developing a logo that best represents you and your business. The process begins with colors, images, ideas, and understanding what your brand represents. Once we have a grasp on this, we’ll make it come to life and create a couple of different options for you. This will help to give us a clearer direction of what best fits you and then we can really buckle down and complete your logo creation or transformation.

Do you need help with graphic design on your next project? Contact us at SpeedPro East Bay at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation. We’re your one-stop from design to production to installation, we’re here for you.



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