Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics


Create visual content that not only focuses on your marketing campaigns but also helps make your work environment more enjoyable.  This can be done through great, big, vibrant environmental graphics.  From bold statements to intricate images, we can help create a fun and productive work environment through printed graphics.

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Environmental graphics enhance a space with their visual elements. Some environmental graphics include wall murals, acrylic signs, and window graphics. Having a soothing work area promotes productivity among employees and provides an enjoyable place to be. When their surrounding area is dull, their work productivity lessens and this cycle continues. Give them a fresh environment to work in and help produce results while letting them know that you care about their working conditions.  Be innovative and reinforce the brand identity throughout the office with your environmental graphics.


All of our products are of the highest quality and we do our best to make our clients’ visions come to life. With over 20 years of combined work experience among us at SpeedPro East Bay, we can help you figure out what solutions best meet your needs.  Every company has their own style and personality so we’ll help you convey that through your graphics.  When people walk into your place of business, they should be able to get a sense of who you are just by your environment.  Whether you have a modern and sleek style or a rustic and vintage style, we’ll find the right graphics solutions for you.

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  • DECALS: Decals are an easy way to highlight a logo, mission statement or simply display a few keywords throughout your office.  To really be effective, use motivational quotes to inspire employees.
  • ACRYLIC SIGNS: This 3D branding medium can display high-resolution imagery and colors. The options for this type of signage are limitless and can be beautifully paired with other printing material.  Acrylic prints can be used for a high-end look in an office or to simply reinforce branding with a different type of style.
  • WALL MURALS/ COVERINGS: If you have a boring wall that you want to cover, turn to us. We can create wall murals, canvas art, and wallpaper that will turn dull walls into a creative space for everyone who visits.  We have a variety of different wall mural materials that range from smooth matte material to textured artistic materials.  Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, we can help you pick the best option.
  • WINDOW GRAPHICS: Window graphics can be useful both inside and outside a work environment. Using windows to display keywords that encompass your business can be useful to people passing by. Inside, window graphics can be used to give privacy to an office. You can also use it to display short-term graphics around the office or on a conference room window.
  • Raised Lettering: Raised lettering is similar to decals in which it is a useful way to show case your logo, business name, or display some key words. Raised lettering comes in a variety of materials ranging from metal to wood, to even more cost efficient materials such as foam core.
  • Hedge Walls: Adding some greenery to your work space can be very inviting for employees and customers alike. Without all the hassle of maintaining live greenery, hedge panels are a great addition to any work environment.



We would love to get the chance to meet with you and discuss your needs. You can reach us via email or phone to make an appointment. If you think you are more visual and want to see the endless possibilities we can offer, feel free to drop in and pay us a visit. We are located on Clement Avenue right off of Grand Street in Alameda. We love expanding our network and meeting new client’s needs. Helping you get the products your business needs to flourish is our main objective. We take as much time our client needs to truly understand their needs and how we can produce them. We have worked with many organizations across varying industries so our work experience is broad. Visit us and see why SpeedPro East Bay has five stars on Yelp and over 100 reviews on Google.

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