What are Wraps?

The most common form of wraps that people are aware of are vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are most certainly an effective form of advertising with eyes on them at all times while on the road. They have a great ROI rate and never stop doing their job. However, did you know that there is more to wrapping than just vehicles? In fact, you can wrap just about any surface with a custom-printed design. Think of the things that you see daily such as furniture, cabinets, walls, or elevator doors. Each of these things can become a beacon for advertising and raising brand awareness by simply wrapping them.

The surface does not need to be flat or have a level 5 finish either. SpeedPro East Bay works with some of the most experienced installers that can wrap any surface no matter how complex the curve is. We can even wrap concrete walls, floors, and trailers with rivets. There is no limit to what we can do with our wrapping materials.

What Materials are Used in Wrapping?

Our custom wraps typically use an adhesive decal material that can be thought of as one giant sticker. They can then be directly applied to the surface that is being wrapped and with a little heat, the material will adjust to fit the surface.

Canvas is another material that can be used in wrapping to create a gallery wrap. This is printed on our latex machine with inks that will still appear crisp when wrapped over stretcher bars to create a 3-dimensional image. These can be used for advertising or artistic purposes to add to an interior.

What Can You Apply a Wrap to?

The simple answer is anything. However, when you really think about it, you realize that you can wrap and advertise on any surface. Banks can wrap their ATM machines based on their location or new promotions that they’re having. Restaurants can wrap their windows or walls to create a high-end aesthetic. Interior designers can wrap furniture to create a customized immersive experience. Hotels can wrap their elevators to promote any local specials with restaurants or entertainment. Museums can wrap their ticket kiosk to streamline branding and highlight exhibits. Retail shops can wrap their floors to direct people to special sales and promotions.

We can also wrap doors in an effort to improve a building’s look. Our DI-Noc architectural finishing material is perfect for bringing a surface back to life. With its wood grain look as well as marble and textile, you can transform any surface from old to new simply by wrapping it. Elevator doors can also be custom wrapped and most commonly for advertising purposes. It’s no secret that people prefer to take elevators as opposed to stairs especially in high-rise buildings. Take full advantage of this by completely wrapping the doors and interior of an elevator. Elevator riders have nothing else to do while they’re in there other than to look at your advertising message. It helps to create an experience while also getting your message across.

Window wraps are another way to maximize your advertising methods. They’re not only a great way for you to block out the sun but they also allow you to get prime exposure with your marketing message. You can customize this display with your own logo, colors, and more. You can use materials with full blockout that don’t let sun through, or you can use a perforated material that has tiny holes for you to see out, but others can’t see in.

Benefits of Wraps

We’ve mentioned that we can just about wrap anything but why would you want to do that in the first place? Here are a few reasons and benefits:

  1. Gain Visibility: Custom wraps will be sure to capture people’s attention and this helps to maximize your visibility with every person who sees it.
  2. Branding: Add to your branded experience with custom printed wraps that incorporate your logo and company colors. The more people see your branding, the more easily they’ll recognize it.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Wraps can be easy on your pockets over time. Initially, the installation cost may be significant, however, they will last for years to come without requiring any upkeep or additional work.
  4. Create the Aesthetic: Having an inviting environment with custom graphics can make your location easily memorable. In addition, if you wrap something that really stands out, you can become a photo spot for social media pics.
  5. Flexibility: Because you can wrap almost any surface, there is much flexibility with what you can do.

Who Can Use Wraps?

Anyone that wants to be visible can really benefit from this and should definitely consider advertising using wraps.

Out of home advertising has become one of the most common forms aside from digital advertising. The experts at SpeedPro East Bay will help you to bring your advertising campaign to life with great, big, graphics. Give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us for a consultation.



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