Architectural Finishes

Architectural <span>Finishes</span>

New construction or remodels can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the result that you want. Ensuring that the costs are controlled but also that the result is aesthetically pleasing, can be a difficult task. When accounting for the costs of materials plus the labor, things can start to quickly add up. Saving costs where you can, will ultimately help you to save time and money without sacrificing the result. Who doesn’t want to do that? Architectural finishes using our DI-Noc materials help to achieve a high-end result with a lower-end cost.

What are DI-Noc Architectural Finishes?

Architectural finishes are simply a material that adds to the interior surface. These finishes can completely revamp and bring life to your space.

Our DI-Noc architectural finishes come in a variety of different patterns including stone, wood, textile, and more. These options are a cost-effective alternative to using raw materials which allows you to incorporate more into your design without using raw materials. These adhesive options give the look of finished wood or marble and can be applied to almost any flat surface. The best part is that there a special series of wood finishes that are environmentally sustainable. This includes:

  • NOT containing PVC which emits harmful gasses
  • Shipping carbon neutral
  • Lasting for 7-10 years without needing to be replaced or recycled.

From office workspaces and restaurants to retail and hospitality, the options for the application of DI-Noc are endless.

Benefits of Architectural Finishes


As we mentioned, these can last for 7-10 years without needing replacement. Unlike normal wall graphics and murals, these don’t require a laminate over them to last longer. They won’t fade over time with ultraviolet light exposure and they’re also stain-resistant as well as moisture-resistant which is great for areas with lots of people passing through. DI-Noc is also fire resistant and compliant with NFPA 101.

Easy to Clean

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not a wall material can be cleaned. Our DI-Noc architectural finishes can be cleaned with even the most aggressive chemicals such as bleach or other hospital-grade cleaners. Since they hold up easily to wear and tear, the number of times you clean it won’t be an issue either. Do you need to wipe it down weekly? DI-Noc is up for the challenge. It’s also much easier to repair these surfaces than if you’re dealing with actual wood or veneer.


Because DI-Noc has an adhesive backing, it can easily be applied to any flat surface and within just minutes depending on how large the install is. This helps to cut down the overall timing of renovations as well as disruption to the area. With traditional materials, you’ll have to remove and strip the existing substrate to install the new one. However, with DI-Noc you are able to apply the adhesive finish directly to the wall or other surface without excess mess or noise.

Environmentally Friendly

Do you need to acquire LEED credits to put towards your facility? These architectural finishes help to achieve this while minimizing the impact on the environment with the PVC free options. For the marble and textile options, they offer low emitting materials that can also help achieve LEED credits.

The Future of Design

Design is constantly evolving but one thing that is here to stay is the idea of using environmentally sustainable materials. Keeping the impact on the environment in mind for each project is first and foremost important. Creating an impactful design while also using sustainable materials is becoming more common. Form and functionality combine to create a practical interior that is also aesthetically eye-catching. When you choose to use our architectural finishes, you can complete a project within hours cutting down the cost, time, and waste.

SpeedPro East Bay and Your Architectural Finishes

We are continuously looking at the newest and most sustainable materials to incorporate in design. If you’re not sure which direction you want to go, we can help you from design to installation. We’ll manage the project from print to production and throughout the scheduling process of installation. Our network of architectural finish suppliers, allows us to find the perfect solution for your project. To get started or for more information, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation.

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