Custom Banners

Bring any space to life with bold, custom banners from SpeedPro East Bay. Our vibrant and eye-catching graphics will enable you to stand out and make a big statement. Whether it’s highlighting your logo, sharing important information to the public, or simply promoting your company, you’ll be sure to be seen. Rest assured that when working with us, your made-to-order custom banners will exceed your expectations when it comes to quality, service, and timeliness.

What Are Custom Banners and How Can You Use Them?

Most of our banners use a 13 oz. scrim banner material which can be either gloss or matte. Using this material to create custom banners gives you the option to go the extra mile with your printing. We also have other banner materials available as well so there are many options to consider. From the weight, indoor or outdoor use, hanging method, etc., you’ll have to think ahead to choose the material that best fits you. Don’t worry though, our studio professionals will help you to determine which is the best choice for your needs. Banners can be used for many occasions and here are just a few.

  • Catch attention during trade shows and events
  • Celebrate store or venue grand openings
  • Show off new products
  • Promote service launches
  • Notify customers about special promotions or seasonal sales
  • Welcome people to an event or your storefront
  • Add flair to holidays, celebrations, and parties

Custom Banner Options


cross street banner

Have you ever been driving down the street and you see a big banner hanging from one side of the street to the other? These are cross street banners and can help any organization or business advertise upcoming events or promotions. Every city has different requirements for their cross street banners but we can help to ensure that you’ll meet all of them. From wind slits and sewn in webbing, to grommets every 2′ or more, we’ll make sure that your cross street banner is visible and vibrant. Let us help you with the design and capture the attention of commuters and pedestrians alike. If your event happens annually, don’t print a new banner each year. Instead, we can put a patch on your banner with the new date including day and year. It’ll help to save time, money, the planet, and it looks great too!


Line your city streets, outdoor malls, school campuses, or parking lots with custom pole banners. Our outdoor pole banners use a very durable 18 oz banner material that will guarantee to last through all of the outdoor elements. Pole banners include a pole pocket on the top and bottom so that the hardware can fit through it, and also grommets to reinforce it. Capture the eyes of passerby with pole banners to catch the eye. These double-sided banner options will stand out especially with the help of our team from design to installation.


outdoor banners

Outdoor signage doesn’t have to be expensive when you choose our outdoor banner option. Make a big, bold, statement with your durable outdoor banner. This uses the same 18 oz. banner material that we use for pole banners and is sure to be durable and vibrant no matter what size you choose. Choose outdoor banners for advertising or aesthetic purposes. Outdoor banners can be placed on fences, the side of a building, or on a storefront. These are sure to last long and can be fully customized.


mesh banners

How can you avoid damage to your banner when the winds are high? Well, our outdoor mesh banner is the perfect solution. Instead of cutting big wind slits out the front of your banner and making it look less appealing, use a mesh banner. Our 9 oz mesh banner material will help to resist the wind whether on a fence, building, or storefront. This material has very small holes in it that allows for airflow without ripping the banner. Since the holes are so tiny, it won’t interfere with your graphic when it comes to printing.


indoor custom banner

Indoor and temporary banners use a lighter-weight material but are still very durable. Using our 13 oz. banner we can fully customize your print with a beautiful finish. Our finishing options include a taped hem along the entire perimeter with grommets every 2 feet to easily hang. If you’re looking for a more specialty finish, we can also include a pole pocket on either the top or bottom and webbing is also available. With the proper care, your indoor banner will last for many years.


double-sided pole banner

Don’t just limit yourself to printing on one side of a banner, instead, consider double-sided banners that will really turn heads. Our specialty 18oz material is able to print on both sides and has a blockout to it so that you can’t see the graphic from the other side. These can include any of the standard and/or specialty finishings noted above and they’re super durable. For double-sided banners with vibrant graphics and perfect for outdoors, look no further.

Contact us today to get started on your next banner project. Not sure where to start? Give us a call at 510.974.7369 and we’ll help you from design, to choosing the best banner option for your needs, to installation.

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