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Attending events and trade shows is necessary to boost brand recognition. It takes at least seven different points of contact for potential clients to familiarize themselves with your brand. If you are putting yourself out there, make sure people know you mean business with quality and custom visual content. Together as a team, SpeedPro East Bay has over 20 years of experience in the large format printing industry. We have helped everyone from organizers, presenters, and vendors with the various projects they have put together or been a part of. Our clients range from large and small businesses which have taught us how to adapt to different needs. With our wide variety of event graphics options, we’re sure to have something for you.

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One of the main concerns for attendees is parking. Solve this problem by having clearly labeled and carefully placed directional signage that helps users get to the right place. Upon entering the building, having welcoming signage will reassure guests that they are in a good place with accommodating people.  Signs throughout the event with information will allow workers to save time for the important issues. Signage for check-ins, bathrooms, and bars will make all the difference in time allocation for both you and your guests.


Banners are always a fun advertising tool to incorporate into your marketing efforts. Their lifespan can range and they are easy to move from one location to the next.  They can also be used inside or outside. When placed outside they can be used to promote certain events beforehand reaching clients who pass by the location frequently.  We also can produce retractable banners which are a great option for users who travel frequently because they are compact and roll up and down easily.


Event tents can serve as multiple resources during an event. Having bright colors can serve as a location finder for attendees at various events. Stand out from the others and choose a color that is not popular with other brands. Another feature of event tents is providing shade for the workers. Outdoor events can cause employees to heat up and even get sunburned. On the other hand, during stormy weather, having a tent over your head is also a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Help protect important documents and items from the harsh weather. Event tents can also be completely customized to your company’s needs.


Elevator wraps can be the first image that guests lay their eyes on. Most people prefer taking elevators over the stairs, so the foot traffic coming in and out of the elevator is the perfect spot to advertise more. You can place ads there or also use these for directional signage. It is important to remember to make a lasting impression for prospective clients when they first enter the building. It will create buzz and give people something to talk about when networking.


In today’s age, social media has become more and more important in people’s lives. Pictures are important to users and they make sure the ones they pose for and post are of the highest quality before sharing. Having a backdrop that users want to take pictures in front of is important at events. This is free advertising for your company and can create conversation within users who may have never heard of the brand had it not been placed on social media. Backdrops can be anything from a solid color with one large logo to full-scale images. Working with SpeedPro East Bay is sure to deliver the results you are looking for. Create an event presence with a backdrop that is sure to create user awareness.


Events are put on for attendees to network and make new connections or just to have fun. Attracting new customers, partners and employees can be accomplished by attending or hosting one. Do your best to showcase the positive, high-quality work you perform and entice others to come along.

SpeedPro is there every step of the way. We can help with design, color, execution, and installation.  If you’re located in San Francisco’s East Bay, call today to get a free quote.

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