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During tight timelines, event planners and designers turn to the creative team at SpeedPro East Bay.  Events have many moving parts and not a lot of room for error.  Because of that, fast and quality event signage is our specialty.  Whether a couple of months or a couple of days notice, we’ll make sure that the end result is a success.


Promoting an event ahead of time can be crucial for recruiting attendees and ensuring its success.  SpeedPro East Bay has the ability to generate campaigns whether it’s a product release, trade show, convention, or another entertainment occasion.  We’ll take the time to learn your marketing goals, target audience, and budget to get started.  Get a head start with elevator wraps, floor graphics, and wall murals which can be placed in the venue weeks before the event.  This can be done not only to promote the event but also to create the environment during.  Consider posters or flyers to pass out or place in surrounding businesses to help bring awareness to the upcoming event.  Vehicle graphics can also help to create buzz and peek interest by fully decking out a car with vivid graphics and driving it around town.


The event is the main attraction and SpeedPro East Bay offers a variety of high-quality event signage options to planners.  Directional signs throughout the venue will be an essential item to make the process as easy as possible.  Starting with parking, to the entryway, and to the main event.  Photo backdrops give guests an opportunity to have fun and promote your event at the same time.  Large banners at the entrance help to give a great big welcome to your attendees and confirm they’re in the right place.  Floor decals to direct traffic in the right direction or signs with images and information help to create visually pleasing effects as people walk through.


Miscellaneous products like stickers, decals, table coverings, flags, and branded items like pens, bags, water bottles, and more, are all essential products for event planners.  Sponsorship opportunities can help to increase revenue and these can be done with banners, flags, point of purchase displays for vendors, column wraps, and more. We deliver on these imperative products, allowing coordinators and planners to focus their efforts on larger aspects of the event while we take care of the rest.


There is something for everyone and every type of event with SpeedPro East Bay.  We’ll take the time to sit down with you and your team.  The consultation helps us understand what your goals and challenges are.  We want you to think of us as an extension of your marketing team.  We’ll bring our ideas to the table and collaborate with you.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next event.

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