Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays

The Bay Area never fails to be on the forefront of innovation, as it offers competition in a huge range of industries on a regular basis. When you attend trade shows, fairs, expos and other marketing events, you need to offer the perfect blend of stunning visuals and clear information. Anything less, and you run the risk of getting lost in the mix with your competitors.

SpeedPro East Bay understands the challenges that lie within these situations, and we can help you excel with personalized point of purchase displays. We’re partnered with one of the biggest large-format graphics producers in the country, which grants us access to top-tier technology and industry-leading resources.

How Can Custom POP Displays Benefit You?

Not only will a unique display add memorability to your brand, but it will also make your life more convenient. We’ll find a marriage between appeal, information and functionality for your custom POP display.

Backlit POP displays and other vibrant options will show every potential customer in the area exactly where their focus belongs.

For these kinds of projects, we carry a special catalog that showcases a huge range of graphics, accessories and other tools that we can customize to fit your circumstances. When we discuss our Exhibitors Handbook, we’ll go to any necessary length to fulfill your needs. No request is too big.

Here are some options that you can select from when you work with us:


  • Retractable banner stands: Achieve portability and impact with our retractable stands, which come in multiple styles and models. When it comes to style, we offer three primary options retractable, telescopic and spring-back. We also provide three distinct models economy and standard as well as premium. 


  • Hop-ups: Hop-ups are also portable, and they’re incredibly versatile. Use them as trade show backdrops, tabletop displays and more. They require no tools, which makes conversions quick and easy. 


  • Backlit displays: Create a vivid backdrop for your elements so that no passersby can resist them. We carry a range of colors and brightness levels. In case you want more individual components, we have standalone light boxes that house posters and other visual elements. 


  • Table stands and kiosks: Help organize your limited display space with stands and kiosks, which can help you mimic a traditional retail store. You can display products this way, and your employees can use designated areas to stand and address customer concerns. 


  • Attachable shelving: Another method of maximizing space, you can display products of various shapes and sizes on these shelves. Adjust the distance between shelves to accommodate the dimensions. 






The above options just scratch the surface too, as we also carry easel-back standups, directional signage and much more.

Contact Us About Our Personalized POP Displays

As a prime partner in the large-format graphics industry, we’ll seek to provide you with long-term benefits, beginning with your personalized POP display. Contact us now to arrange your consultation. We also invite you to visit our studio, which is located on Clement Avenue in Alameda.

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