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The Bay Area is known for being the location of companies leading in creativity and innovation. Startups find great beginnings here in making efforts to brand themselves. One way to do so is by attending events and tradeshows.  Being a part of these are the perfect opportunity to display your work and entice potential customers.  Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we understand the need for top quality graphics when attending these various events so we do our best to exceed your needs. We have the cutting edge technology that allows us to produce a variety of visual content that is sure to make an impression.

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Point of purchase displays can enhance the mental image a person will have of your brand so it’s important to make sure your visuals are long-lasting. Differentiate yourself from competitors and make unique designs and images come to life with your displays. We love tackling new challenging projects that test our ability and timeliness.  Our team will come together to give feedback and a fresh take on your display ideas.  Your display deserves a professional look and we can help achieve that with our various options.


  • BACKDROPS: These are portable and require no tools for set up which allow for a quick and easy cleanup. You can use them as backdrops or tabletop displays and more.  These can also be made into fun photo opportunities to really attract people to your set up.
  • BACKLIT DISPLAYS: Backlit displays are bound to catch passerby’s attention. These can stand alone or you can add other pieces to them to really come to life.  The brightness level is adjustable as well as the colors.
  • KIOSKS: Having minimal space to showcase your product or service makes space maximization very important. Allow guests to get the retail store feel with table stand and kiosks. Using these will allow for other space to be utilized by employees who can answer questions and connect with potential customers.
  • SHELVES: Shelving is traditional and allows for layered storage and display of product. It is great for separating different lines or brands and helps mock the retail environment.  This is another very portable option and helps give maximum space for the product itself.  It also gives potential customers a real experience of what it’s like to shop your product in store.


Entering into a store, a point of purchase display is most commonly at the front of every aisle or by each cashier. They are effective marketing tools for various reasons. They are stand-alone and keep a single brand separate from the rest to highlight it. This can catch a customers attention at the last second and even encourage a quick purchase decision.  This is the final time that a potential customer will see your product before making a decision so make it count.  Vibrant colors, minimal text, and creativity can go a long way with point of purchase displays.


SpeedPro wants to help you get the most bang for your buck. With a top quality point of purchase display, it is a one time cost that can last a very long time with the proper care and maintenance.  Understanding your goals is key and we’re happy to give feedback.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today and see the products we offer to determine which meets your business needs.  We also have a catalog with a variety of options not even mentioned here that we can go through together.


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