Clif Bar 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

Clif Bar 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

Because We Can – Create a 30th anniversary event space for CLIF bar employees.

Because We Can: is an architectural and interior design business with staff who are looking to help with all things regarding design. We collaborated with BWCs Design Director and Photographer, Jillian Northrup. SpeedPro East Bay was able to execute all the design elements for the Clif Bar 30-year anniversary celebration in Emeryville, CA.

  • Working with BWC and Jillian on the Clif Bar project was a pleasure, as well as a great team building experience for the SpeedPro East Bay team. Everyone was on board when it came to the production, installation, and overall commitment to this project. For Clif Bar’s 30-year anniversary celebration, they wanted to showcase the history and company highlights throughout the years, as well as emphasize their commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle to help keep the planet healthy.
  • Clif Bar requested that we use more sustainable materials and opted for all their boards to be printed on falcon board. Falcon board is comparable to foam board and gatorboard, but isn’t made with polystyrene foam, meaning it is more environmentally friendly. Along with the falcon boards, we also printed and installed window graphics, wall graphics, and floor graphics with our HP Latex 365 Printer. The floor graphics were a big highlight in this project, for they acted as a pathway to all the different showcases within the Clif Bar venue. The window graphics we produced and installed included a map of the world and was installed for staff to write down where they are from on the map itself.
  • While working with Clif Bar, SpeedPro East Bay Owner Ed Owens became much more aware of the positive effects sustainable materials can have on the environment. With this knowledge SpeedPro East Bay has tried to provide more Eco-friendly materials when it comes to our business. One of our main focuses is recommending and using Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) free wall coverings. PVC free wall coverings are safer for indoor air quality, and are also more durable than PVC in the long run. SpeedPro East Bay is also trying to ensure that our materials are either Green-Guard certified or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Making sure that most of our materials are certified from LEED or Green-guard helps ensure that we’re providing a more sustainable product for our customers and for our environment.

SpeedPro East Bay

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