Stitcher Podcast Cover Art Installation

Stitcher Podcast Cover Art Installation

In May of 2018, Stitcher, the on-demand radio app that provides free streaming of news, information radio, and podcasts, was referred to SpeedPro East Bay by another client. Their main headquarters is in Los Angeles but they recently opened a new office in San Francisco. The main lobby had a big blank wall that they wanted to enhance with cover art of podcasts they host but they weren’t sure on how to go about it. We originally gave several options including printing directly onto acrylic with standoffs to give it some dimension, printing vinyl decals that would be applied directly to the wall, and printed canvas gallery wraps.

Once given these options, Stitcher did a little more research and found that they really liked the idea of having dimension to their wall. However, when printing directly to clear acrylic, the color of the print isn’t as rich. They had an idea of printing to glass instead but it didn’t fall in line with their budget. We took all of these suggestions into consideration and came up with the perfect solution for their lobby graphics. We would reverse print the artwork onto a 3M clear material, laminate it with a white backing and then apply it to the back of the acrylic piece so that the color would be vibrant but it still has an elegant look. To still give it that dimension and stand off the wall look, we mounted 1/2″ foamcore to the back and then used 3M VHB double-sided tape to attach them to the wall.

This project was in the brainstorm and budgeting process for several months but once everything was approved, SpeedPro East Bay was able to print and produce the 40 acrylic cover art pieces in one week. The install was scheduled shortly after and only took a team of 2 to mount the whole project to the wall in about an hour.

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