Professional Services Firm Innovative Office Graphics

Professional <span>Services Firm Innovative Office Graphics</span>


This project was for the largest California independent accounting and business consulting firm and a nationwide leader in serving privately-held companies, non-profit organizations, and public entities. Our NDA restricts us from sharing the client’s name. However, we are able to share the work that we’ve done for them. As a professional services firm, our client was striving to build a culture of collaboration and innovation. In addition, they were working to improve employee morale and increase retention. In other words, improving the office environment was the main purpose to achieve these goals. However, they weren’t sure about the best way to proceed. They reached out to SpeedPro East Bay and we collaborated with them to develop, produce and install several innovative graphics. These included:

– Giant Coloring Walls at which employees could take a break and share their artistic skills – as large as 65 feet wide by 11 feet high, vinyl wall murals designed for employees to directly color on were installed in five offices. Attaching small acrylic boxes with colorful permanent markets allows employees to play as the muse inspires them.

– Visual Graphics placed on walls and interior columns helps to liven up the office and reinforce corporate goals. This also includes murals as large as 35 feet by 9 feet high in seven offices.

Innovative graphics - acrylic prints











Window Graphics were included to provide privacy for interior conference room windows, while also livening up space and reinforcing corporate goals – up to 12 feet wide, translucent window vinyl was installed on 12 windows in 9 offices.  The vinyl incorporates a tint with company colors and includes cut vinyl quotations. It also incorporated graphics consistent with the specific individual culture themes for each office.

Innovative graphics - conference window print

Employee Recognition fixtures – SpeedPro East Bay helped design, and install wall fixtures that enable employees to clip note cards they create themselves.  The idea is for the employees to address notes of accomplishment, praise, and gratitude to their fellow employees. These fixtures consist of coated stainless steel wires with clips attached to them.  They attach to the walls with stand-offs allowing the wires to float off the wall about an inch.

3D Raised Lettering to liven up the offices and reinforce corporate goals included several different inspirational quotes.

Game Walls were attached on top of theme wall murals in multiple walls at five offices.  These games are themed with employee accomplishments over the past year. SpeedPro East Bay designed and fabricated the games and wall graphics for an easy transition. For example, employees and staff will be able to move them in the future from location to location with no training or installation skills needed.  

SpeedPro East Bay served as an overall project manager and delivery agent for this project.  We worked with our client’s designers to customize the graphics to fit each application. Secondly, we printed the materials and designed all the support structures and components (fixtures, etc.) (with exception of 3D raised lettering which we outsourced).  We organized installation services for three offices in the SF Bay area, four in Southern CA, one in Illinois, and one in Texas. We coordinated with the team at corporate and leaders at each individual site to make sure all went smoothly. Above all, the client was super happy with the result. They believe the new office environment will truly support its culture of collaboration through innovative graphics.

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