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When looking at interior spaces, SpeedPro East Bay takes the time to understand and capture the story and feel you want to present.  Whether a corporate office, hospital, or museum we have a variety of interior signage tailored to fit.  When working with interior designers and architects, we understand that it’s your reputation on the line. With that said, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of materials, service, and execution. We understand that deadlines can be crucial so we want to help eliminate the stress. Here are some of the products that we have to offer to interior designers and architects to maximize the impact of a space.


Reinforce branding with 3-dimensional lettering and logos in an office or lobby. We have painted acrylic options as well as brushed aluminum for a more high-end look. If you want to have a bigger impact, our illuminated options will be the right fit. From face lit to halo-lit, your logo will stand out.


They make for a great way to advertise an event, promotion, or the brand itself. Also, there can be a huge number of eyes on them daily which makes it well worth it. Think outside the box with this however and make it fun. Maybe put a life-size 3-dimensional image that gives the illusion of the floor missing. Get creative with this as it’s not done often.


Make the most of your floor space with floor graphics. This something that not a lot of people use and with many people looking down at their phones already, it’s right in their point of view. We have special materials and laminates that will help to reduce any slipping and when positioned correctly, they can last for a while.


Help to make an interior really come to life with custom printed wall murals. Our PVC FREE wall films are perfect for restaurants, hospitals, and schools. This material is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and long-lasting. Whether temporary or permanent, custom wall covering can really enhance interior signage by how vibrant they are. It’s the perfect opportunity to stand out and be memorable.


From corporate offices to hospitals, everyone needs a little bit of privacy. Our frosted films can be applied to the full window to create a blockout or we can etch text and logos. This allows for you to see through certain areas and have a design. We have a variety of privacy film options from geometric patterns to solid panels, there’s something for every interior. We also have white window film that we can print on to really enrich the color on windows. This is popular for logos on conference room doors or windows at an entrance.


Partnering with SpeedPro East Bay helps to bring outstanding results with personalized consultations and approaches by our team.  First and foremost we want to learn about your goals and visions for the client and we can then help to create a plan customized with graphics.  If the client has a particular color that they’re trying to hit, our color matching technology can achieve that to keep their branding consistent throughout.

Helping interior designers stay ahead of their competition is our goal.  We’re constantly looking for innovative ideas and solutions to bring to the table to spruce up a space with vibrant eye-catching graphics.  Collaboration is key and we want you to trust us to exceed your expectations.

Whatever it is, let us help you and your clients give their potential customers a unique experience as soon as they step into the office to make them want to come back.  We work closely with local artists, photographers, and graphic designers to find the best fit for your purpose and give original masterpieces that can’t be missed.

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