Under Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop

Under <span>Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop</span>

In celebration of Stephen Curry’s shoe release as well as the final year that the Golden State Warrior’s called Oakland home, came the launch of the Under Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop in Downtown Oakland. This was to last for six weeks but ultimately lasted an entirety of six months. The front of the store included shoes, apparel, and everything Stephen Curry. All to create an immersive experience of artwork in relation to Curry and his connection to Oakland. The back of the store was used for events and community activities. This is where SpeedPro East Bay came in.

When it comes to community, the Golden State Warrior’s are all for it. 160over90, a marketing company wanted to take that idea and incorporate it into this store. There were a series of events that lasted more than six weeks spanning from January through June 2019. Some highlighted series included:


This was a special birthday celebration for Curry where we fabricated a life-size birthday card. Using two 8’ x 8’ sheets of plywood we put a hinge between them and then wrapped the panels to give the illusion of a folded card for people to sign. We also wrapped the pop-a-shot game in custom graphics. As well as printed and installed decals for the skee ball game and air hockey table. On a smaller scale, we printed CTA signage for each of the game stations as well as stickers for them to pass out at the event.


95.7, the official Warrior’s radio station, did a live broadcast at the pop-up shop which featured a custom giant coloring wall mural designed by James Shields but printed and installed by SpeedPro East Bay. The Dub Nation wall mural highlighted all things Oakland, Warriors, and Stephen Curry where attendees could color directly on to the Photo-Tex material to create a collaborative piece. We also printed floor decals using 3M IJ35 where people could place their feet and show off their signature Curry shots. This incorporated the pop-a-shot that we wrapped again with new graphics. Other prints included CTA signage, lightbox graphics, and decals to put on the folded chairs with Dub Nation branding.

Under Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop color wall mural


Remember the cute little girl Riley Morrison who wrote to Stephen Curry? She couldn’t find any of Curry’s signature shoes in the girl’s section and only in the boy’s. Well, in return and in honor of International Women’s Day, Curry asked Riley to add a personal design touch to the new shoe. He presented it to her at this pop-up shop in front of the wall that we wrapped! This event that went viral also included other custom graphics. We added cut vinyl on mirrors, floor decals, tabletop signs, entry panels, and TV stand wraps. Check out more info and a full video on the Under Armour website.


This was the last of the series where people were able to come and watch the 2019 NBA Finals. Here they could watch it as a community. To help create the end of the road experience, we printed and installed a 35’ wide by 14’ high wall mural with an image of the inside of the Oracle Arena. We also wrapped their TV stands, the pop-a-shot game with new graphics, and printed CTA graphics throughout the store. To top it off, they incorporated a photo booth where we wrapped the backdrop. This highlighted their road to the championship for the 2019 season. As well as another back wall for photo opportunities.

Under Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop thank you oakland wall

Each week SpeedPro East Bay stayed ahead of the game with 160over90. We coordinated installation days/ times ensuring that we had the resources and allocated time in the production schedule to accomplish their weekly events. Many weeks they wouldn’t have the files prepped until the day before. Sometimes even the same day as the installation. We were very flexible with deadlines and acted as an extension of their team. with our installers going on-site representing 160over90 and our internal team giving feedback and design assistance. Overall, this was a great partnership printing the SC30 Oakland shop graphics. Unfortunately, although the Under Armour SC30 Pop Up Shop moved to San Francisco, we have stayed in contact with 160over90 for future Bay Area projects.

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