At SpeedPro East Bay, your target audience is the attention you must capture so we’re here to help you do that. Custom signs are the first thing a prospective client will visually lay their eyes on so make sure your signage is up to date and at the highest quality. With a wide array of options to choose from, here are some of the options we provide and what they would be used for.

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Separate yourself from the competition with raised lettering. We have options in acrylic and also metal to help your business name shine. With raised lettering creating a 3-D look, visibility will be maximized.  This can go on storefronts or inside of an office to reinforce company branding.  It doesn’t just end with 3-dimensional lettering though.  You also have the option of LED lit dimensional signs.  These can be just your business name or it can be your full logo.  The LED options are:

  • Halo lit – a halo effect is created by the light shining from behind the dimensional letters
  • Face lit –  the light is directly illuminating the face of the letters


If it’s a customer’s first time visiting your place of business, chances are, it may be a little difficult for them to pinpoint your exact location initially. Directional signage is a good use of visual content to help guests understand where to find parking, exits, restrooms and much more. This is especially helpful in larger buildings with no clear signage directing foot traffic which way to go.  Directional signage can also be useful for businesses in hidden locations or that are temporarily blocked with construction.  Wayfinding signage can be great in museums, at events, and in hotels.  Whether your needs are permanent or temporary, we can help provide a solution for you.


Blade signs typically hang from the front of a business perpendicular to the wall and make locations easily found. They are useful for areas where there is a lot of foot traffic and outdoor stores or strip malls. It allows customers to see your location from close or afar.  Often times, a location can be missed when passerby are walking down a street because they’re looking forward.  However, blade signs help get in the face of potential customers a bit easier.  We can help with design, print, and installation to existing hardware.


An important marketing tool for a listing agent or brokerage is their visual signage. We can provide open house a-frames, for sale signs, sign riders, feathered flags, and much more to suit your marketing needs. Our inks are UV cured which are sure to withstand the sun and rain.  We also use high-quality materials that are durable for outdoor conditions.  Show off your listings with professional and fresh looking signage.  For signage that can be used over and over while still looking brand new, partner with us at SpeedPro East Bay and we can help deliver these products.


With over 100 reviews on Google and a full five stars on Yelp, it’s no wonder we are the first choice for people looking to revamp their signage needs. Chat with us about the products and services you need to help your brand grow and we will work together to make sure your needs are met and exceeded.  Our team will sit down with you to help determine which type of signage is best for you without you feeling overwhelmed with options. Contact us today and we can get the process started!



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