10 Ways to Use Smart Signage for Your Business

DECEMBER 9, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


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Behold the time of touchless technology. With COVID-19 cases on the rise and a vaccine still in the works, people are doing their part to stay home, stay 6 feet apart, and stay away from touching things. Because of this, there is no better time than now to introduce our touchless technology and the ways that you can take advantage of it.


The most important thing to start with is what NFC stands for. NFC is the acronym for near field communication which is the chip that is being used. When using a graphic in the form of a window decal, wall mural, or tabletop sign, the chip is placed directly under the surface. The chip isn’t like most however because it’s very thin, almost like paper. Because of this, it can be placed under any material and the best part is that it has an adhesive backing so it can be applied to anything as well.

Once a person holds their smartphone up to the sign where the chip is placed, the chip will communicate with their phone to pull up the landing page that has been pre-programmed. Most Android phones and newer iPhones can read this chip without needing any extra assistance. For the older phone models, they may require an app to be downloaded in order to read the NFC chip properly.


Using a QR code could give you the same result, except there are some limitations with how a QR code can be used. Once a QR code is printed, it will only go to one landing page. It cannot be reprogrammed like the way an NFC chip can. Here are some ways that you can use this technology for your business:

  • Update and change your landing page whenever. As we mentioned, you can reprogram an NFC chip to go to a different landing page by simply scanning the chip. The whole graphic doesn’t need to be reprinted.
  • Connect your customers to a designated landing page quickly and easily.
  • Share your ideas and message in a 100% touchless technique.
  • Incorporate your print and digital marketing efforts into one. You can print a full-scale wall mural and then incorporate the digital marketing with your NFC chip.


Now we’ll jump into the best part of how you’ll be able to use this smart signage for your business. Here are 10 ways that you can use it to get you started.


This is probably the most time-relevant use for this smart signage. As we’re seeing outdoor dining becoming more popular for safety reasons, touchless menus have increasingly become more common. With laminated menus, they need to be constantly cleaned and with disposable menus, well that’s not very environmentally friendly. With touchless NFC menus, we can print a decal or sign that can be placed directly on the table, and when people scan it, it will take them directly to the menu. The difference between this and QR codes is that with an NFC chip, you program the chip to change throughout the day. If you have a breakfast menu vs a dinner menu then the NFC chip will change throughout the day. On the other hand, with a QR code, if you want to change which menu it directs to, you need to change out the QR code.


Healthcare facilities are buzzing due to the increased cases in COVID-19. Because of this, people need access to information without having to visit an information booth and in a contact-free way. NFC chips can help to advertise timely products or services being offered. Maybe there are certain times that COVID testing is available and you can share it through a landing page. In a dentist or orthodontist’s office, maybe you want to share a teeth whitening product. If someone is sitting in the waiting room with nothing to do, there’s no better place to advertise and give them something to do right on their own phone.


When people are driving down the road and they see a house for sale, typically they have to stop, write down the information, and call the agent. However, with NFC chips, the potential buyer can scan the sign which will take them to a landing page with info on the home. For an extra bonus, you can even include a video tour of the home so people don’t have to schedule a tour unless they’re actually interested.


Not only can guided tours be used in real estate but once museums and recreational places open back up, this NFC signage can be especially useful. Imagine places like Alcatraz Island where when you do the self-guided tour, you’re handed a walkman and headphones that hundreds of people have used. Sure, they may sanitize them, but how clean are they really? Instead, including chips throughout the facility, people can scan the graphic and it will provide information on each of the exhibits. These digital resources can even offer more information than an audio player because your landing page can include the added extras.


Everyone likes a good demo. Think of when you go to a tradeshow and see all of the vendors doing live demos. This helps people get a live demonstration of what the product is and influences them to make a purchase. This is why digital signage can be beneficial in stores. You may see video demos in an electronic or home goods store to help buyers make a purchasing decision. Instead of having these screens in a store that takes up space, you can incorporate NFC signage into your marketing materials and it will directly connect consumers to the video demo on their phone.


Have you ever been in the mall and you’re just trying to find that one store to get to? But first, you have to find the mall directory. What if you never had to walk over to the mall directory again and instead, there was NFC signage throughout the mall that you can scan. This would then take shoppers directly to the digital map that they can carry around with them in their pocket on their own phone.


Rather than putting a sign on your door that says follow us on social media, take people directly to your page to make it easier. Including a fun wall graphic with social media icons can help to increase your social media traffic. Visitors can scan the icons and it will take them directly to your Instagram or Facebook page with no additional effort needed from them. This helps to promote your business and keep it top of mind once they’re following you.


NFC signage and technology is perfect for any event (when they can resume again). By incorporating NFC, people can register themselves or check-in directly online and avoid having to wait in lines. It can also be used throughout the conference to pull up schedules of seminars and sessions. You can also link to things outside of the conference like pages which include activities to do and recommended restaurants for out of town visitors.


In any tradeshow, you’re competing with a ton of other booths around you. Help yours stand out with smart signage that is interactive. Connect your booth visitors with more information about your product in case you’re not able to talk to everyone. You can share product demos, testimonials about the product and you can even allow people to enter any contest that you may having. This could also help to avoid the hassle of you having to enter peoples’ business cards into your CRM.


Keep people informed on any upcoming events that you may have by using touchless signage. Instead of printing out calendars and/or flyers for people, use a digital sign that people can scan to view. This sign can be permanent and you can update it by simply updating your landing page with the new events. You won’t have to print new graphics for each event. You can also give them the option of purchasing tickets directly through there.


SpeedPro East Bay is the nationwide leader in NFC technology and smart signage. Connect with your audience directly and engage in a fun way with digital interactive signage. We can help you with the design, print, programming, and installation of your NFC signage and chips. If you’re ready to get started on your smart signage project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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