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2nd Friday Artwalk at SpeedPro East Bay

JANUARY 24, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



SpeedPro East Bay is always looking for ways to be more involved in our local community and one way we’ve managed to do that is by joining forces with Alameda Arts.

Alameda Arts is an after-school program run by Kate Meade and Hazel Seiden, two fun-loving moms who share their love of art and passion for crafts.  This program allows kids of varying ages to express their creative side through art and other activities.

The way that we’ve been able to work with them is by donating our scraps and excess materials.  When print jobs go wrong or we just have extra material from a project, we could either throw it away, or we could donate it to kids who would have a lot more fun with it.

From posters and boards to canvases and tubes, the kids go crazy for this stuff.  It’s way more entertaining than simple paper and it’s a much greener solution for us.

Now, the kids of Alameda Arts will finally get to showcase their work at SpeedPro East Bay during the 2nd Friday Alameda Artwalk on February 10th from 6-9pm.

The 2nd Friday Artwalk was created by Alameda Artists which is a group made up of Bay Area artists that was founded in 2013.  Every 2nd Friday of
the month they open up to the public to show their talent and local businesses can participate as well.  Whether it’s opening their space to showcase other artists work, or by creating a special deal for those participating in the walk, it brings everyone together.

For more information on the 2nd Friday Artwalk event at our studio please give us a call.

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