3 Advantages of Using Wall Murals

MARCH 31, 2021| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

Business owners and corporations use wall murals as an ideal way to visually appeal to their customers in their office or store locations. These custom-printed wall murals can benefit your brand for years to come. Whether you want to enhance your environment or raise awareness of your brand, wall murals have many advantages.


Wall murals can be an investment when it comes to printing and installing it in your space. However, it’s well worth the investment over time when you look at the lasting benefits of them. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should consider a wall mural.


Whether installed for an event or as a permanent installation in your business, visitors may only see it for a bit but it will create a lasting impression. Having something that people can remember long after they leave your location, that speaks volumes. You’re also helping to create the ambiance with your custom wall mural and it gives you a leg up with your professionalism. It shows that you care about what your event or business looks like and that helps to build trust in you and your business.

Wall murals also create an excellent backdrop for pictures. For an event, set up the wall mural that allows for a red carpet scenario for attendees. People can take a picture in front of your mural and tag the event to get even more exposure. In a business, a wall mural allows customers to have fun by visiting you.


Wall murals are a great way to help your growth on social media and to gain visibility. We live in a time where people are constantly showing off where they are and what they’re doing. Tagging locations is especially popular if there is something memorable or makes it a one-of-a-kind image. You can install a wall mural on the inside or outside of your business with a branded hashtag or your handle printed on it so that people can tag and follow you. An iconic wall mural that can be photographed and tagged on social media will help you to get the exposure that you never would have been able to without a simple post.

Wall murals are also another form of advertising. If you incorporate branded imagery and colors, you’re helping people familiarize themselves with your company information. This can also increase your customer traffic if more people are coming to visit your location after seeing a wall mural piece.


Wall murals are simply beautiful. A custom printed wall mural can improve the appearance of your space without breaking the bank. Because you have the ability to fully customize them, you can design them to compliment the colors that are already existing at your location. Or, you can incorporate imagery that represents your company or tells the story behind it.

The more visually appealing, the more clients and employees will want to be around. A wall mural can not only affect the buying decision of a customer but in a workplace, it can keep employees engaged throughout the day.


Wall murals have the ability to last for years to come if they’re taken care of properly. When your wall mural looks good, people will be more inclined to wanting to be seen photographed with it. Here is how you maintain the life of the wall mural:

  • Use soap: Using the right kind of soap will be very important. You’ll want to use a mild soap like a dish soap for example. Mix the soap with water and then dampen a sponge or soft cloth with the mixture. You should not use anything with harsh chemicals like bleach as this will be harmful to the color even with a laminate. Also, be sure not to use a scrubbing pad or heavy-duty brush to clean it. You can wear out the material faster this way.
  • Wipe gently: Once you have the dampened sponge or cloth with the soap mixture, gently wipe the mural down. Starting with the top, move downward using smooth and even cleaning strokes to remove any dirt or dust. Be sure to not heavily dampen the cloth or sponge because too much water could get inside of the panel seams and cause discoloration over time.
  • Thoroughly dry: When you’re done wiping it down, gently dry it using a soft cloth. The key is to thoroughly dry the surface so that there is no water remaining which could cause later damage to the wall mural.

Remember, this is for laminated murals only. If you choose a wall mural with no laminate, it should not come in contact with water. This thorough cleaning is something that you should only have to do in extreme cases. For everyday dirt and dust, you won’t need to clean the whole mural. Instead, just wipe it down with a dry lint-free cloth to remove it. To make it easier, schedule a time on your calendar that you clean it down every few months.

If you encounter an especially stubborn stain on your wall mural, try a citrus-based cleaner instead of the soap and water mixture. This should help to give it a little bit of an aggressive cleaning while also being gentle enough to not cause damage.


If you’re still unsure of whether a wall mural is right for you and your business, give us call today at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation. We’re happy to walk you through the process from design to installation. Our variety of high-quality materials also allows us to print on custom surfaces as well as colors.

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