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3 Ways to Reuse Your Old Signage

APRIL 23, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay



Earth day was yesterday but just because it’s over doesn’t mean we should forget how to reuse and recycle especially when it comes to our signage.  Signage is constantly changing so what happens when you have a bunch of old posters or banners and don’t know what to do with them?  Here are just a few suggestions. 

Turn Banners to Bags

Banners are typically printed by companies to promote an event or use for a one-time occasion and then after the fun is over they get tossed out.  Don’t throw away your banner materials instead recycle them with us.  You can bring them into our shop anytime and then we’ll donate them to Sonoma USA.  Sonoma USA takes old banners and then refurbishes them into duffel bags, tote bags, pencil pouches, and more.

Use as Interior Decor

If you have leftover postcards, posters, flyers, and/or signs, then framing them to create a collage of wall art is an option.  This can not only show you how your business has progressed over the years but it also gives some life to your wall so that they’re not so bland.  As another option for flyers, if they’re only printed on one side, consider using the other side as scratch paper rather than tossing them all out.

Donate to a Local School or Charity

When in doubt and you have too much left over signage, donate it to your local school or charity.  The things that children can do with your scrapped signage are endless.  Personally, we donate all of our tubes and small scraps to Alameda Arts which then allows their kids to create fun art!

If you’re interested in how you can effectively recycle or donate your old signage, give us a call.

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